Why ShamanHands.com?

“We now stand on the brink of extraordinary breakthroughs in the art of hands-on healing. Human abilities that heretofore may well have been considered ‘science-fiction’ are in fact quite real and can withstand the rigors of scientific scrutiny.”

– Richard Gordon

sha • man |' sh ämən|
noun (pl. -mans)
  1. a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the spirit realm.
hand |' hĕnd|
noun (pl. hands)
  1. palm.
  2. (hands) : CONTROL, power, charge; command, responsibility, care
  3. HELP, assistance, aid, support, relief
  4. WORKER, hired hand

Life in the “Information Age” has presented us with some quite remarkable twists and turns. Never-before-seen science and technology has been brought to the public eye and it has spread like wildfire! Forgotten histories have been uncovered and put on display, bringing unprecedented global awareness and a sense of connectedness and co-dependence.
/* tie in the concept of the human body and it being re-introduced */

It could be debated back and forth, on and on, about whether or not the population of this planet has given considerate acknowledgment to the form we call the human body. And while there may be much about it we still have yet to acknowledge or appreciate, the time has come for us to shift course slightly in order to dig deeper into what the body even really is!

ShamanHands.com not only provides a gentle window into this world of re-examination. It delivers practical information about how to experience healing at an accelerated speed, and how to relate with the always-available tools of the body that support the very process. Here you will find all-inclusive health education material with an emphasis on establishing efficient “software” or “source code” for the body.

This “software” is an actual structure of non-physical organ systems that make up what is referred to by some as the “spirit” body. The vehicle we refer to as the human body is truly remarkable, and in many ways is literally a computer of biological processes and life-force energy!

At ShamanHands.com you are provided with support for understanding the aspects of these different “spirit” body systems, the “spirit” organs they contain, and the importance of applying their functions within your life.

You will learn how to work with them for achieving optimal health by first achieving inner harmony, the pre-requisite for all “outer” achievement, including the wellness of the physical body.


• Connect with the latest information on holistic health

• Learn about your body’s energy systems

• Fortify yourself with practical reference material

• Purchase a personalized healing session with Stilts

• Connect with healers and trailblazers worldwide

• Support the work of healers through donations

• Receive planetary and paradigm shift support

• Experience HOW to have more emotional stability

• Experience sustainable pain relief!

. . . then ShamanHands.com is your neighborhood pit-stop for accelerating personal, communal, environmental, and global vitality!