Vanecia – J (Testimonial)

“During the summer of 2010, just graduating from college & dealing with family loss, I was suffering from severe body pains all through my neck, back, shoulders and there was an enormous amount of pain in my legs as well. After an open mic poetry night I was given a gift.

“I believe it was my second time meeting my dear friend Stilts and I told him of my troubles. Immediately he wanted to help and do some healing work right there in the parking lot of the poetry club. He was kind, gentle and full of light. He did some testing on my chakras and was able to evaluate where there were strengths and pinpoint some distress. For about an hour he worked on my neck, back, shoulders and legs.

“The next day I felt brand new & the pain in my back and shoulders had practically vanished…. To this day I am grateful and would recommend him 1,000 times for anyone who may be dealing with pain or discomfort. Love & Light.”

– Vanecia J


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