Tracy (Testimonial)

“Peace and Gratitude, All. I have had multiple healing sessions with Stilts. To say the least, it has changed my life. This brother is balance. I am a healer/life coach as well, but working with Stilts has helped shift MULTIPLE emotional blocks that now allow me to move forward along my divine path. I’ll be referring my clients to him.

“With Stilts, working through my astrological knowing/confirming of myself has caused an extreme paradigm shift. Also, MENSTRUAL CRAMPING IS NOW A THING OF THE PAST! . . . NO MEDICINE NECESSARY! . . . I am so grateful.

“If you have given any thought to the idea of being healed by hand, and you are reading this, the healing has found you! Look no more. Some things you can’t put a price on because they are invaluable. For what you will receive, his pricing is gracious. It is definitely worth it! Thank you, Stilts!!!”

– Tracy Coney



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