Terms of Service



Any purchase of service(s) provided and/or promoted by ShamanHands.com is an acknowledgement of the ShamanHands.com disclaimer, and full awareness and understanding of the statements therein.

Clarification of Terms:

The source of healing does not reside outside of the body.  A “healing practitioner” helps the client by preparing an optimal environment, and/or energetic support for the activation of the body’s natural ability to HEAL ITSELF.  All participants in Shaman Hands services understand that Stilts makes no claim to heal anyone other than himself, but rather serves as an energy medium with the ability to assist the client in the healing process by tapping into subtle energy fields, redirecting energetic flow patterns within the body, harnessing the power of intention, and implementing entrainment techniques.


Unless special arrangements have been made with Stilts, session payment(s) must be received in full no less than 48 hours before the start of the session being purchased.  Any session, outside of special-made arrangements, that remains unpaid-for within 48 hours of the scheduled session time will be considered a cancellation of purchase.   New sessions may be scheduled and purchased at any time.