Taundra White (Testimonial)

Sun_Posture“Very recently, while reading a post in a group on facebook, I stumbled across Stilts and was immediately drawn to his energy and sent him a friend request.  I wasn’t sure at the time why my Spirit was so elated to make his acquaintance, however within a few days it would become apparent.  I received an Astro-Health Reading and also experienced a healing session with Stilts and I am more than pleased with the results of both services!

“Stilts is caring, patient, thorough and has a passion for his work which is so evident.  He took his time to make sure I had a clear understanding of all the information covered in the reading, and ensured I was clear on everything he did during and after my healing session.  I was so at ease, relaxed and filled with his gentle, loving energy.  My body is so grateful!

“If you’re thinking of getting energy work or a health reading, I highly recommend Stilts’s work.  I am one very satisfied customer.

“Thank you Stilts for doing what you do.  Peace and Love.”

– Taundra White



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