Lenise (Testimonial)


“I’ve known Shawn Goldman all of my adult life. We met when we were 15 years old and have seen each other through many of life’s ups and downs. However, last year I had the pleasure of meeting the man we have all grown to love, Stilts Goldman.

“For roughly 5 months I partnered with Stilts Goldman as he walked with me, holding the flashlight as I took my trip down the rabbit hole. Throughout my journey, Stilts was there . . . not to answer my questions but to pose new ones allowing me to come to decisions on my own, to learn on my own and to grow at my level of comfort. This man challenged me without pushing me and allowed me to blossom at my own pace.

“Stilts is a powerful energy healer and a warrior for those that can’t fight for themselves . . . [he] is deeply connected to children and is gifted in bridging the gap often felt amongst generations. I have witnessed his work with several others, bringing them relief, peace and healing time and time again. Stilts is a dedicated and gifted healer who will do all he can to bring peace to every situation.

“I am thankful for my time with Stilts. He is so much more than a healer, he is an educator. For a true educator shows you how to think for yourself and not just follow the pack. I have since become vegan, found true joy in all that I do, and I have opened my heart to pursue passions that I now recognize because I am in tune with myself. Stilts is a treasure, a gift, a friend, a lion and a shaman. Allowing him into your vibration will change your life forever. Check out ShamanHands.com and find out for yourself.”

– Lenise Kenney


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