Grateful in Greensboro (Testimonial)

Sun_Posture “Shaman Hands and I were linked via Facebook through mutual friends. I was reluctant to post about my remote healing experience. However, after months of being pain-free and not having to take my acid reflux meds, I felt like I had to say something.

“I had surgery for acid reflux in my twenties but the effects of the procedure had worn off and the reflux was becoming unbearable. I went to the gastroenterologist and she told me she would not perform another surgery which meant I would be on meds for the rest of my life. It was for this reason I sought the alternative of Shaman Hands.

“In a remote healing session, through nothing other than a phone call, he healed me of my reflux, the pain I was having in my hip and even fixed some other minor ailments I had not previously mentioned to him. After the session when he told me what he had done I was blown away. Some pain was gone immediately and the rest within days.

“I am a private person but this was something miraculous that I felt needed to be shared. His gift is incomprehensible and his spirit is genuine; I have never met him personally but I am truly grateful for his willingness to share both with the world. Thanks Shaman Hands!!”

– Grateful in Greensboro



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