GiTwice (Testimonial)

“I have so much to say, oh my God . . . about YOU, MY BROTHER! I have SO much to say! I came to you and told you about what I was doing and I still, to this day, am so thankful for Kelly who dropped you off into ‘Living Aligned’ . . . it was so beautiful to have your energy and your experience to just come in and do all those things, but as far as your hands . . . oh my goodness!

“I haven’t had any in-person healing but my healing with Shaman Hands started in January of this year (2013). Stilts started doing healing work on me to help heal my pains from a severe accident I had in 2012 that I didn’t get any therapy from . . . I mean ANY. I just made up in my mind that I was going to heal from the inside out . . . and within the first minute I felt my body release all the pains I had been feeling for an entire year! He helped me so much to stay clear on the coaching and stuff that I was doing . . . I was getting so many women coming in that I was helping and sharing my energy with . . . and I was dealing with a lot of personal growth at the same time too.

“Stilts is one of the best healers I know, not only because of his skills but his heart and compassion to do what he has been called to do in this life. I’m so happy to have him as my friend and as my own personal healer! He gave me a breakdown of my chart, told me what he was going to do, and I experienced week by week healing from this brother and when I tell y’all – it made my week just so beautiful. I felt so light. The gifts that he has been giving are beyond any medical science.

“His hands are VERY powerful, and I just can’t wait to get in front of him because he’s been doing my sessions either over the phone or through Skype! I haven’t even been in his presence when getting this healing, so I make sure I tell everybody . . . I’m like, listen . . . you don’t have to be in pain! You can switch that whole thing around ‘cause it’s all energy.

“Stilts, you worked with me for 3 months and my body has completely changed. I was able to be a lot lighter in what I was doing with my own spiritual work so I am so grateful for you and the fact that you somehow found me and came in to do what you do. Since that point, it has been such a beautiful experience with you and it continues to grow. Thank you for being in the ‘Living Aligned’ world. Keep doing what you do, keeping us all balanced and keeping us all in alignment with your hands, your energy and your spirit. We’re SO thankful for you!”

– GiTwice



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