Shaman Hands eGift Cards


Shaman Hands eGift Cards may be used towards the purchase of all Shaman Hands products & services!
(Healing products coming SOON!!!)


Purchase a Shaman Hands eGift card for your friends, your family, or someone you know of who truly may be in need of assistance with their health!

Do you know of a Shaman Hands product or service someone needs? Do you know of a Shaman Hands product or service someone would want? Choose a combination of eGift Cards that covers the cost!

Preparing to buy a gift for that person who’s always difficult to shop for? If they’re interested in improving their health, knowledge of self, or BOTH, then Shaman Hands eGift Cards make the perfect gift! Introduce them to and let them decide what they like best for themselves!

Is there simply a particular dollar amount you would like to gift someone? Add the Cards to your cart that total the amount you want! Shaman Hands eGift Cards are available in amounts of $25, $50, and $100! Buy one, or buy several, with the ability to mix and max . . . it’s all up to you!!!

And remember to put yourself first! Shaman Hands eGift Cards are even great to purchase for yourself! Get it now, and save it for when you may really need it! (This really helps if people have highly unexpected health challenges arise and they need to take action right away.) Rest assured that if a situation ever arises where you may be in need of a Shaman Hands product or service, you already have that money set aside ready for you!

Are the Shaman Hands products you’re interested in out of stock? Stock up on your Shaman Hands eGift Cards so that when the products you want arrive to the store, you’re certain you can grab ‘em before they fly off the shelves!




How do the Shaman Hands eGift Cards work???


Shaman Hands eGift Cards are digital gift cards that can be purchased online directly from the Shaman Hands store.

These digital Cards are delivered via email and each Card comes equipped with an individualized, 17-digit number code to be used for processing when the Card(s) are redeemed.

In the eGift Card images below, you will notice that each Card comes equipped with a 17-digit number below a barcode. The numbers you see on these sample eCards are for display purposes only and will never actually be used. When you purchase your very own eGift Cards, you will receive an email for each purchase and all individual eGift Cards will have their own personalized 17-digit number code that only you and the gift recipient will have access to.

When you are ready to gift the Cards to someone, simply forward the email you receive to the recipient of your gift, OR if you would like the Card to be gifted directly from the website for an added touch of flair, CLICK on the CONTACT link, and send the message “GIFT” along with the name of the recipient and their email address (These options are based on personal preference. Allow up to 48 hours for processing).

If you are purchasing Cards for your own personal use at a later date, save the email you receive for your records.

Shaman Hands eGift Card emails include a detailed set of instructions to follow so that it will be easy for the recipient of your eGift Cards to redeem them if they are unfamiliar with However, if you are aware that Energy Healing sessions and/or Astro-Health Readings are new concepts for them, please feel free to discuss with them any information about the Shaman Hands services from your own point of view to help prepare them for a healing experience of this kind, on this level. Many times people feel more comfortable opening up to something new when they can discuss it with someone they already know and trust first. Stilts is also available to answer any questions you may have, and guide you to specific material already available on the website, including testimonials and other resources that can help you.

CLICK on any of the eGift Card images below to start shopping!  You can add to your cart as many of each kind as you like before you check out!


Shaman Hands eGift Cards are available in 3 different values!
Mix and Match to achieve your desired total!



Copper – $25


25 Copper

Silver – $50


silver 50

Gold – $100


100 for stilts