Long Distance Energy Healing


Science has completely transformed within recent decades, and is still accelerating in its newness.  Quantum physics, for instance, has made room for science to enter the realm of spirituality and consciousness.  In the area of healing we are seeing new developments that are actually ancient in nature but are now supported by modern research technologies, providing never-before-seen avenues for unprecedented healing to take place, and in accelerated rates that may be difficult for some people to even imagine at first.

Distance healing, or “remote” healing is a type of healing that is scientifically sound, and it has proven to be just as effective as receiving a session from your energy healing practitioner in-person.  In some cases it is even MORE effective! Long distance healing can easily be performed using a client photograph with the support of an open line of communication right over the telephone!

Once you have experienced a distance healing session, you may even find that this type of session will be more of your preference. Many people choose to have distance healing sessions because they can be in the comfort of their own home.  It also offers convenience, flexibility and many other benefits to take into consideration. Read some of the important ones below!


All Shaman Hands healing sessions, unless otherwise noted, are available in “distance healing” form.




Some Benefits Of Long Distance Energy Healing


Choose Your Practitioner No Matter Where You Are In The World!

Choose an energy healing practitioner based on who you feel would provide the most benefit to you and your family from anywhere in the world! This removes any limitations that you may have otherwise had regarding your mobility.


Eliminate Travel Time & Travel Costs

Some people travel cross country, and even to different countries over-seas in order to receive treatment from someone they trust.  Distance healing saves time and money.  Free up time spent on traveling to and from your energy healer and save money on traveling costs.


Flexible Hours & Convenience

Many healers who provide distance healing sessions offer flexible hours, because they also do not have to leave the confines of their own home or private workspace.  This allows you to schedule your healing sessions for various times of the day or week with more options outside of typical office hours.


Relax How You Want To

You may choose to relax in the bath with candles and soak in some nice aromatherapy oils. Sit outside in the lovely fresh air or lie in bed in a dimly lit room feeling completely relaxed. Distant healing allows you to choose your preferred way of relaxation to enjoy your healing to the maximum.


No Touch Involved & Complete Privacy

Generally speaking, when receiving a healing session people do not like others touching them, particularly if they have never met the person before.  Distance healing sessions eliminate any concern you may have of being touched, which in many cases allows the mind to relax more, opening the doorway for more effective healing to take place.  It also offers you total privacy which is perfect for the healing process, especially when the healing is taking place on a deeply emotional level.


Sleep During Or After The Healing

Many times after a remote healing you might feel very tired as the body wants to continue the healing process.  Distance healing allows you to have a short nap or go to bed directly after the session is over in order to restore your energy.  You can even allow yourself to go to sleep during the session, feeling completely safe.  In all actuality the healing process can be far more effective when in a sleep or “trance” state.


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