Danielle Hall (Testimonial)


“I had a wonderful distant healing session with Stilts. He is a very gentle attentive healer. He explained exactly what would take place and let me know that he would be checking in with me during the session to ensure that I was doing ok.

“I was having issues with headaches and neck pains. So he let me know that he would be focusing most of his energy on those areas. He informed me that if I felt any discomfort to just relax and focus on my breathing.

“During the session once he started I could feel a lot of warmth in my back and neck as well as tingling sensations in my arms. He made sure to check in at different times to see if all was well with me. He also informed me that I may fall asleep during the session but I wanted to stay awake so that I could feel everything that was happening with my body.

“After the session, I felt very light and sleepy, lol! He informed me that he placed a special energy bandage on my neck and heart area and that they would continue to help with the healing process.

“I am very happy with the results of this session and have not had as many headaches or neck pain as I was having before. I am sure with more sessions that this will only help continue to heal my body energetically. I can assure you that you will be very pleased when booking a session with him as well.”

– Danielle Hall



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