Cartez (Testimonial)

“First and always foremost, I would like to thank EL for all things in my life, but this thanks goes for something that’s listed on the best things in life to have – a genuine friend . . . and though I have never had a session with him, he has touched my life for the better. EL made sure he came into my life at a time when I needed him to be there; he gave me an example of a calm that I had never seen in a man or woman. Rage has turned to tolerance and this has brought me closer to EL, and my two young sons. It has increased my patience with the general public and, as if that wasn’t enough, he introduced me to a new way of eating that has enhanced my quality of life.

“You see, I had a heart transplant in ’08 and eating to live is better than eating for satisfaction. I’m eating healthy which means my sons are as well and their menu as adults will mirror what it is now. I have grown food all summer and love going outside, picking my food out to eat fresh (WAIT till next season!) and EL willing, with what I did ‘blind’ and from my YouTube instructors, next year will be the best ever.

“I miss him, and love him as a brother. Thank EL for bringing him into my life and all should, if you’ve met him and had a slim chance to, know he will leave an impact on your mind. Love you, man. Thanks. Shalom.”

– Cartez Jackson



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