Ayodele Fuega (Testimonial)

“Two or three years ago I woke up in the morning unable to walk or even stand because my right foot was extremely swollen and sore. I recalled vaguely standing in the middle of the night, collapsing to the floor, and hopping back into the bed all for no particular reason. That morning I cried and called for my mother and when she tried to touch it I experienced shocks of pain. I knew it was broken. I was mad as hell – I had never experienced a broken foot before in my life.

“My mother wanted me to go straight to a doctor’s office but I refused. I was taking summer classes so I continued to travel on foot (using a cane!!) and by public transportation all over the city. That’s how upset I was and how determined I was to get over this thing and yet I refused to see a doctor for many days – this was around the time that I had begun to lose faith in what is commonly referred to as the ‘health care system’ as there is little evidence to show these people truly “care” about the health of the public.

“Anyway, I was in so much pain that I eventually went to go see a doctor…they told me that without insurance there was little they could (or rather, would) do for me. He did confirm however that I had a hairline fracture and that would continue to suffer and never heal properly without “proper” medical attention. I didn’t care – all I wanted was one of those Velcro shoe thingies that would put some pressure on the foot and maybe stop the swelling. He said that I might be able to get one for free but I would have to return the next day and pay them 20 dollars both ways for a bus ride which would take me 4 minutes to a hospital for them to confirm his diagnosis and see if they “could” give me a Velcro shoe thing. Pissed, I hopped my little defiant a** out of that office and went on about my business… Still in pain.

“One day, I joined my friend Stilts and his family for a documentary viewing and to exchange book recommendations and just enjoy good food and each other’s company. During that night I mentioned my foot fracture and this wonderful, exquisite man who lives his life in a perpetual state of meditation said that he could “work” on it if I wanted him to. … HELL YEAH I wanted him too! And he did.

“I remember becoming extremely relaxed while he hovered his hands around my fractured foot… I could feel the heat from his hands radiating strongly – the intense pain in my foot began to lessen then and there and the fracture began to heal rapidly after just ONE session! I know now that multiple sessions are that much more effective and accelerated but it only took one session with Stilts for my foot to begin to mend and heal rapidly.

“I continued to walk and in no time could manage without the cane. I NEVER stopped walking and yet my foot healed because Stilts had enveloped my aching foot in healing energy. I was so happy – even now, I feel like crying. I learned the importance of maintaining relationships with authentically caring healers who believe in the power of the Body to rebuild & restore itself.

“His intention is pure and his power is palpable. His dedication to health is apparent in his own lifestyle. I highly recommend his services for those who may feel helpless regarding physical pains and internal dysfunctions. More strength to you! Peace.”

– Ayodele Fuega



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