Receive everything included in the first ASTRO-HEALTH Reading package, plus a far more in-depth look into ALL of your planets and how they, along with your Ascendant (Rising Sign), effect your health!!!

  • Learn which parts of your body indicate your current overall state of health!  (Everyone’s indicator areas are not the same!)
  • Learn the parts of your body that, when attended to, can bring access to quantum leaps forward in the healing process!  (Everyone’s quantum leap areas are not the same!)
  • Learn what parts of your body are the most sensitive to subtle energies!  These areas typically require more care and attention than the rest of your body!  (Everyone’s sensitive areas are not the same!)
  • Learn what area of your life was most directly influenced by the first traumatic experience(s) of your life, and how you can heal from them!
  • Learn what areas of your body to pamper in order to greatly accelerate the healing process!
  • Learn how each and every planet influences your 4 Key Components and their general individual roles in your health and well-being!
  • Receive a thorough overview of your entire chart, including individual planetary influences on health based on both the signs AND houses they occupy!
  • Learn what your Ascendant’s roles are in your well-being!


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