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Are You Ready For The Red Pill?

Peace, everyone! It’s that time again. Time to announce the topic for this week’s Wednesday Webinar Q & A! We’re going DEEP with this one, y’all. Possibly deeper than we’ve ever gone before! But then again, that is all going to depend on what types of questions our attendees will have. And it may take some real courage to ask them this time because this time we’re going to be answering ANY and ALL questions regarding “The Matrix.”

That’s right. “The Matrix” is this Wednesday’s topic and what that means is – you get to go as far down the rabbit hole as you want with us this week! We are specifically setting time aside for everyone to have an enormous opportunity here. This is the opportunity to get the answers you are seeking to the questions you are most afraid of asking. Not only that, but you will be able to receive those answers in perhaps the most gentle way possible along with scientific explanations.

Thorough scientific breakdowns help provide insight as to what can practically be done once exposed to information that may at first feel too intense to process effectively. And as we move through 2017, intense is becoming an understatement for some people because we have actually been led into so many different directions WITHOUT the accompaniment of thorough explanations, people are now starving for them!

Are you still wondering whose REALLY behind the so-called United States government? What about the rest of the governments of the world? What are the REAL effects of religion? What is the TRUE nature of money? Is money really just a tool for slavery? Ultimately, does money in the form we know it have any long-term benefit for the entire collective population of the planet? Or is it just another means of control? What about Hollywood? What about mind control through the movies and television? How does it all work? How can I identify the illusions to maneuver around them? How deep does this Spiritual warfare really go? What can we do about it?

These are the types of questions we are encouraging people to bring to the webinar this Wednesday! It’s gonna be an archive favorite for sure! My oracle, Chrysalis Sun and I are privy to some extremely influential information in regards to things that are to come this year. For several months Chrysalis has been a routine open portal for messages of all kinds coming directly from Source with an intensity that would shake most people to their core. While much of what has been shared with us we have in turn shared with the public, there has also been a ton of information given to us that has truly inspired us to first sit with it and consider how to even introduce it to the world, if we are even meant to at all.

Also, many of you are aware that I highlight planetary events on my astrological calendars and I have already scanned the entire year of 2017. Let me assure you, in addition to what Chrysalis Sun has ushered forth via her oracle revelation messages over the past few months, these planetary alignments that are approaching this year provide more than enough confirmation regarding the validity of this information that we have been receiving straight from the realm of expanded consciousness.

We understand very clearly that many people (even in 2017) are not prepared to hear a lot of this information. However, because it so crucial, we want to make this information available to as many people as possible who ARE ready. How do we determine who these people are? Simple. They will ASK for the information. This Wednesday, we are providing space for that asking.

And yes, regardless of how tough our future may seem to be as we continue to move forward on this Earth journey, WE DO HAVE SOLUTIONS! All of us actually have them already. Many of us just don’t know what they are, or how exactly to tap into them. However, everybody on this planet has the ability to harmonize with the divine, and once you do that you are protected beyond measure.

So if you want to catch us LIVE where we can address you and your personal questions directly, mark your calendars! This Wednesday, January 25, 2017! The daytime broadcast begins at 11am(EST) and the nighttime broadcast is at 8pm(EST). REGISTER NOW, and simply show up to the broadcast that best fits your schedule! The links will be provided to all registered participants via email on Wednesday prior to both webinars. If you miss the first one, and you’ve registered, you will automatically receive another link for the nighttime broadcast as well, so be on the lookout for your second chance! Each Q & A is an hour long unless we go over because of questions. IF YOU WANT TO TRULY KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THIS PLANET, THEN I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO ATTEND THIS WEEK’S WEBINAR!!!

Until then, be safe!



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