Webinar Wednesdays! Q & A

Chrysalis Sun and I want to thank all who were in attendance for our LIVE “How To Survive The Shift” webinar broadcast last night! . . . The energy in the room was amazing, and it was absolutely evident that everyone present enjoyed themselves. I’ve already heard back from some who were logged on with us, sharing how excited they were to get home so they could dive into their class notes! . . . Music to a teacher’s ears.

Last night tons of questions were answered, extensive metaphysics material was covered, and there was a real sense of appreciation flowing through everyone. We were joined by supporters from Atlanta, Georgia all the way to Seattle Washington, and different places in-between! One thing is for sure, this information is making an impact and it is wanted, needed and appreciated. Inspired by the flow of the webinar, the participation of attendees, and direct feedback from everyone involved, Chrysalis and I are announcing our Weekly Webinar Q & A’s! You wanted weekly webinars. So we’re bringing ’em to you!

So how will these work? Every single week we are going to open our 50 seat webinar room, first come – first serve, to anyone who wants to get in on the topic of discussion for the week. We pick the topic, you bring the questions! We’ll start you off each broadcast with a short lesson on whatever the topic is for that week – in order to get the ball rollin’ . . . then we’re putting the direction in your hands! . . . The questions you ask will determine what we talk about.

For those that missed last night’s “How To Survive The Shift” webinar broadcast, this is the perfect opportunity to get in on any information you may have missed out on! And remember, weekly topics are chosen based on your suggestions, interests and needs!

These Webinar Q & A’s will be held EVERY WEDNESDAY!!! There will be a daytime broadcast and a nighttime broadcast to help minimize any conflicts you may have with your schedule! Registration for each Q & A is only $9.99!!!


Check the Shaman Hands Blog every Sunday for weekly topics and broadcast times. Be on the lookout for the blog this coming Sunday to view the schedule for Wednesday, January 18th!




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