Webinar Tonight! How To Survive The Shift

Ok, everybody… so it has been quite a few days since my last blog, and I am sure some of you were wondering what happened. Well, in addition to Mercury stationing to go Direct this past Sunday (which brought it’s own set of shenanigans before AND after Sunday), most of my time during these days was used to prepare for a presentation I have been dreaming of bringing to the public for almost 10 years now! A presentation that contains vital information regarding our experience on this planet, the times we are living in and this “great awakening” that scientists all over the world have been talking about non-stop since the dawn of the millennium, if not before that.

In regards to this global shift that has now finally become regular conversation material in our society, the question that USED to be on everyone’s mind was, “Is this for real?” Now, because of the “great awakening” being just that, an awakening of mass proportions that has continued to spark higher states of awareness at an accelerated rate, there is hardly any room left for people to hold onto the idea of this shift being some type of hoax. Now, the question that seems to be on everybody’s mind is, “How do we survive?” or perhaps for some, “Will we survive?” or even “Can we survive?” If you are confident with your knowledge and awareness of how, then you most certainly will. If you don’t know how, you have your opportunity to find out tonight!

That’s right! Tonight at 8pm EST, I will be broadcasting LIVE from the Spirit Science Institute webinar room, bringing you some absolutely fundamental material in regards to how we will have to operate as we continue to move through this rearranging of Earth’s energies, and the collapsing systems we have become so accustomed to. You will learn the number 1 most important thing to focus on during these times we are living in, and you will walk away from the webinar knowing exactly how to apply this knowledge in your everyday experience! You will also learn the importance of your connection with your ancestors, how to effectively communicate with them directly, and how to be absolutely sure it is truly them you are connecting with!

We will be going over Spiritual safety and how to protect yourself and your energy, especially as many of us are feeling more drawn to the art of metaphysics, and the exploration of things such as astral travel. We are now in the middle of a Spiritual war, so not only must we have knowledge of how to protect ourselves from the elements of nature, we must also have knowledge of how to remain protected from the influence of others who prefer to remain outside of the vibration of love. Keep in mind, nothing can ever actually be done TO us as we are ultimately the author of everything we experience in our own lives through the power of our thinking. However, others CAN in fact INFLUENCE not only our thinking, but also our emotions which are directly linked to our thinking, and thus what we create in our lives can very much so be influenced by other people. This makes Spiritual warfare a very real thing!

So get ready! Tonight we will be breaking down:

Psychic protection

How to communicate with your own Spirit

Fundamentals of the chakra system

Fundamentals of the meridian system

The left and right hemispheres of the brain

Astrology fundamentals and how to read your natal chart

How to fully tap into the LANGUAGE of emotion

How to get a true handle on the Law of Attraction

Animal totems

And MORE!!!

…with plenty of time for Q & A both during AND after the webinar. Yes, this webinar is interactive and my teaching style always welcomes and encourages questions. As far as I’m concerned, the more questions, the better, so come with plenty of them!

Registration for tonight’s webinar, “How To Survive The Shift” is ONLY $19.99! I feel the need to make sure you are aware of that because many people would assume the cost of a webinar providing such information would be far greater, and then not even take the time to look and see what the price actually is. However, this is information many of us really need and one of the main reasons we do is actually BECAUSE of patterns regarding our very relationship to money. Also, because the information in tonight’s webinar is so vital, I am more interested in the material reaching as many people as possible than I am in charging everyone hundreds of dollars for it. Yes, I need and most definitely deserve compensation for my work, research efforts, time and energy not only put in for preparing this presentation but also delivering it. However, the way I see it, the more people that are supporting my work financially, the lower I can make the price for these webinars. This is the idea behind Spirit Science Institute, where monthly student memberships will be available through BTheVibe.com and brought to you by Therapeutic Vibrations LLC. Archived content will be free for members with regular LIVE broadcasts, webinars, and online classes also to be added to the archive collection for use at your leisure.

How regular? And how much for membership? Well, that will depend on the demand. So get with your crew, tell your loved ones, and spread the word about tonight AND about what’s coming next so we can bring this student fee down to almost nothing and everyone can get in on this information! Remember, this is on the internet so it’s worldwide!

So there it is, my lovelies! Mercury is rolling forward, it just re-entered Capricorn this morning (I trust that explains some things), I’m back on the blogs, and the webinar is TONIGHT!!! I’ll be going strong for about 3 hours straight (unless y’all want me to stay on longer to answer questions, which I am perfectly fine with doing), and NO WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE A RECORDING WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR REPLAY!!! So you probably want to sit for a moment and ask yourself, “How important is this information to me?” Think about it carefully. Do you have $19.99 that you can put to the side right now? . . . Are you willing to invest this amount of money in receiving information many people would pay literally thousands of dollars for? Honestly. This is information that could literally help you and your loved ones survive!!! If this is something your gut is telling you to grab while it’s available, CLICK HERE to register for the webinar right now!!!

Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention tonight’s special guest presenter, Chrysalis Sun? Yup! She’ll be hopping on camera towards the end of the webinar with some super delicious gems many of us have been waiting for! Have your notepads ready!

See you tonight!





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