Venus Joins The Pisces Party

Further Into The Dream Realm We Go

Your Handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (at 22° Cancer ) is on 1/12 at 6:34a, The New Moon (at 8° Aquarius) is on 1/27 at 7:07p. Venus enters Pisces on 1/3, Mercury goes direct on 1/8 at 4:43a at  29° Sagittarius). The Sun enters Aquarius on 1/19 at 4:24p and Mars enters Aries on 1/28. All times are ET.  Read January’s Astro overview HERE



Individual Sign Messages January 2017

CAPRICORN  (December 21 – January 19) – Happy Birthday Mountain/Sea Goats! Your personal New Year begins with career flags flying high on the peak of success! Mighty Jupiter is stationed in your professional/career zone and maintains this lofty position for most of the year (thru 10/10/17). On 1/1 Jupiter beams out brilliantly to the Moon and Venus stationed in your income zone, so continue a strong, steady pace, keep your sights high and you’ll reach the best summit of your life with plenty of income to sustain you! Ruler Saturn is off in your misty realms but burns brightly in Sagittarius and reaches out to cell tower Uranus stationed in your home and family zone. This exchange activates positive changes you’ve been planning with promises of new and better structures to come. Hold the faith Cappie – it’s all going to come together! Your seagoat self gets help with this as muscular Mars laps through mystical Pisces waters meeting up with Neptune (on 1/1) then Chiron (on 1/16) all swimming in your mental/communication zone. Venus dives in to join the fun on 1/3 where her Pisces mermaid self performs a beautiful underwater ballet to enchant your mind and enhance your communication style. People will be amazed at your magical persuasion abilities! The only bubble in this lovely scene is that Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn on 1/1. This is not a negative for you Cappie, in fact since Merc slips back into Sagittarius on 1/4, it’s perfect time to slow down and review plans for the year ahead. Mercury turns direct on 1/8 and when he re-emerges into Capricorn on 1/12 – full steam ahead!

AQUARIUS  (January 20 – February 19) – Dear Aquarius, The New Year begins with the Moon shining in your sign, she joins Venus in Aquarius too and both send shining crystal clear rays to magnificent Jupiter in fellow air sign Libra. This beautiful connection creates an uplifting note which you can soar upon all year long. Grab this large lovely kite because it doesn’t come around often! Saturn in zesty Sagittarius in your networking connection/friendship territory reaches out to ruler Uranus in your mental/communication zone enlightening your own ability to reach out to like minded others and inspire them with your cutting edge concepts and they’ll motivate you too! Whoo hoo! Energetic Mars swims through your financial zone helping activate your new understanding about income flow. You are beginning to more fully grasp that money will be there when you need it, so maintain and hold the faith! The New Moon is in Aquarius on 1/27 which is a perfect time to set crystal clear intentions for your year ahead.

PISCES  (February 20 – March 20) – Dear Mer Maids and Men, 2017 begins with motivational Mars swimming in Pisces then Venus joins in on 1/3 which promises a flowing year for you! On their Piscean travels both Mars and Venus meet up with ruler Neptune to help convey comforting messages you’ve been trying to help others understand your whole life. People had not developed ears to hear the higher vibration notes you’ve always heard, but with Neptune in Pisces for the last 5 years people are beginning to use new ways of listening. However as newbies they need help in translation, which is where you come in. With Saturn maintaining his position in your career/professional zone there has never been a better time for you to mark your place in the world because people are more ready to hear and accept your positive and creatively presented view point. And the even better news is that Saturn reaches out favorably to cell tower Uranus stationed in your income zone, so as you spread your message, income will easily, even miraculously manifest! How nice is that. (See Intro for more about what a Pisces year this is.)

ARIES  (March 21 – April 21) – Dear Aries, The New Year starts on a dreamy theme for you. Ruler Mars swims in mystical Pisces off in your dream-time territory singing a mer-song of love and comfort. Can you hear it? Please listen until it becomes clear because at the end of January on 1/28 Mars bursts into Aries and wants you to use this higher vibrational tune to enhance your life. Saturn romps in fellow fire sign Sagittarius all year long and on 1/1 yodels out to Uranus singing electric in Aries, and their tune vibrates with inspiration directed to you! On top of this positive note on 1/1 Jupiter stationed in your relationship/partners space vibrates out to the Moon and Venus both in Aquarius in your networking connections zone. This crystal clear connection brings new awareness about how to make all your relationships from family to business better, and provides guidance about how to stay on this good relationship track.

TAURUS  (April 22 – May 20) – Dear Taurus, 2017 dawns brilliantly for you! On 1/1 ruler Venus is joined by a bright Aquarius Moon shining with crystal clarity in your career/outer world territory. Their bright light helps you see more clearly the direction you want your world to go. At the same time Venus and the Moon beam out to optimistic Jupiter stationed in your work zone. So as you make clearer career choices, Jupiter pumps up success at your current job and lines up new and better job opportunities if you’re not satisfied where you are. On 1/3 Venus swims into your networking connections/friendship space where she join Mars already taking sturdy laps. This dynamic duo sends ripples which reach out to both your relationship zone and your mental space. This means you’ll be able to count upon guidance ranging from professional associates to friends and counselors you rely upon to set your mind on a better track, and also helps you find the best words to communicate your perspective. A good start to the year!

GEMINI  (May 21 – June 20) – Dear Gemini, Relationships continue to be a big theme for you in 2017. Saturn maintains his position in your relationship/partners space most of the year encouraging (demanding!) you to restructure your relationships in the best ways possible. Highlighting this on 1/1 ruler Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn in your deeper relationship (intimacy, soul mate) zone, then on 1/4 Mercury slips back into Sagittarius again and re-enters your partners space. Merc retro here provides you with an opportunity to review and re-consider all the important relationships in your life from family and life-mates, to business partners. Mercury turns direct on 1/8, but stays in Sag until 1/12 giving you time to reconsider things before he re-enters your deeper relationship zone again. Mighty Jupiter flies in fellow air sign Libra most of the year helping you access creative processing methods and better understand how you relate to people, and also aids you in discovering a more diplomatic approach. In January both Mars and Venus travel in your outer world zone assisting you to raise your vibration to a higher level where future plans are more easily visible. This a year to reflect and review so you can more clearly see the best path to follow.

URGENT BROADCAST!!! (11/18/16)

CANCER  (June 21 – July 20) – Dear Cancer, The New Year begins with your ruler the Moon shining in Aquarius where she joins Venus to shine even more brightly, a nice omen for you! This nice Moon/Venus connection beams out to huge Jupiter residing in your home zone helping bring crystal clarity to the most important relationships in your life – family and the loved ones in the home you all share. Another big theme for you in 2017 resonates from last year, which is how to restructure your daily job agenda so it works better for you. Electric Uranus maintains his position in your career/outer world territory and in early January reaches out in a vibrant flash of inspiration to Saturn stationed in your job zone. Pay attention to this inspired message because it aids you in finding new more positive structures so your work life supports the rest of your life, versus draining you so you have no time for anything but the grind of your daily job. You’ve been avoiding fully discussing this with important significant others like your spouse or other family members, but it’s time to bring them into the picture. They have more to offer than you realize. The Full Moon is in Cancer this month, on 1/12. A perfect opportunity to shine affection on those you love and receive it in return!

LEO  (July 20 – August 22) – Dear Leo, 2017 starts off with a lovely connection brightening up your relationships! On 1/1 the Aquarius Moon joins loving Venus shining together in your relationship/ partners sector, and they beam out to mighty Jupiter in Libra stationed in your mental/ communication zone. This crystal ray helps uplift your own mental attitude and brings you more ability to communicate clearly and diplomatically so your points get across well to important partners in your life. If you practice this until it’s grooved into your mental channels it will benefit your communication style over the long term. The earthy Capricorn Sun shines in your work/daily job space helping you focus on the daily tasks at hand. As January begins Mercury is retrograde here too, but on 1/3 re-enters your creativity zone. Merc retro here gives you an opportunity to look at your creative concepts with a fresh eye so when Mercury returns to your work space on 1/12 (in forward motion) you’ll be more motivated to complete projects which had stalled over the holidays.

VIRGO  (August 23 – September 21) – Dear Virgo, Like your Gemini cousins, relationships continue to be a big theme for you in 2017. Muscular Mars swims through your relationship/partners sector as the year begins with sweet Venus joining him on 1/3. In their travels Mars and Venus both meet up with Neptune and Chiron stationed here long term. These connections put emphasis on relationship fuzziness that has been with you for several years. Mars pushes you to action, in spite of any reluctance you still have, and Venus brings her healing vibration for the best possible outcome. Meanwhile as the New Year dawns ruler Mercury is still retrograde in fellow earth sign Capricorn, returns to Sagittarius on 1/4, and goes direct again on 1/8 in Sag. This spiral pathway encourages you to hold off and continue to review any decisions you need to make especially around changes which affect your home life. When Mercury re-enters Capricorn on 1/12 creative solutions become more obvious.

LIBRA  (September 22 – October 23) – Dear Libra, 2017 starts on an uplifting note for you which can help you glide effortlessly the whole year long! Magnificent Jupiter maintains his position in Libra most of the year (until 10/10/17) so you continue to be the opportunity everyone sees, and on 1/1 the Moon joins ruler Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius sending crystal blue rays to Jupiter.  This lovely connection adds creative flair to any project you present and assures favorable reactions. On 1/3 Venus enters Pisces where she joins Mars in your daily job zone so work issues get a boost which aids your overall career goals and has the potential to increase your income too. Another favorable aspect as the year begins comes from cell tower Uranus stationed in your relationship/ partners space who reaches out to Saturn in your mental zone. These communal rays add zest to your communication style and help connect you with the best people to support you. This is your year to shine!

SCORPIO  (October 24 – November 22) – Dear Scorpio, The New Year begins with co-ruler Mars activating your creativity zone pushing you to be more creative in everything you do. On 1/3 magnetic Venus joins Mars here to remind you how deep and awesome your creative talents are. Your main ruler Pluto maintains his long term position in your mental sector and on 1/1 Mercury resides here too, but is moving in reverse and will re-enter your financial zone from 1/4 thru 1/12. Saturn is stationed in this same financial space all year and in early January reaches out favorably to electric Uranus in your work space. All these planetary combinations encourage you to keep reviewing more creative, rewarding and satisfying ways to earn income. Huge Jupiter continues his residence in your spiritual, other worldly sector. This indicates large important changes are on the way that you might not be able to see clearly yet. Jupiter’s message for the year is “Buff your spiritual muscles, and hold the faith!” It’s always a good idea to follow Jupiter’s advice.

SAGITTARIUS  (November 23 – December 20) – Dear Sagittarius, 2017 begins on a lovely note for you. The Moon and Venus in crystal clear Aquarius beam out to your ruler Jupiter in Libra creating a beautiful vibration from your communication realm to your networking/friendship territory. It’s going to be a wonderful year to reach out to your community of like minded people to share ideas and spread the word! Saturn remains in Sagittarius this year (thru 12/19) and on 1/1 sends a ray to cell tower Uranus stationed in your creativity and fun times zone. Saturn’s message for you in 2017 is to use your creativity in new and exciting ways and watch the magic happen! Muscular Mars swims through your home and family territory in January and stirs up old chilly currents which might suck you in again. Luckily on 1/3 sweet Venus dives into this same space bringing a warmer, more comforting flow around the homestead. Mercury is retrograde in your income zone as the year begins repeating last month’s theme about being extra careful with your spending. Mercury returns to Sagittarius on 1/4, turns direct on 1/8 and stays in Sag. until 1/12. Use this time to review goals from last year to see what you’ve achieved (or not) to guide your renewed intentions for 2017.


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