2017, We Made It! Now What?

It’s A New Year! Are You Happy?

Well, we made it! To everyone that expected this message to come through yesterday, Happy 2017 to you! The past 12 months were intense for sure. I’m quite confident that anyone in their right mind would agree. However, 2017 is NOT going to be the “crossing of the finish line” that many were probably hoping for or looking forward to. As a matter of fact, part of the reason my daily blog took a pause yesterday is because I found myself engulfed in my Astrological Calendar for 2017, highlighting the major planetary alignments and events we will be moving throughout this entire year. And I have to say, referring to 2017 as an “intense year” would be quite the understatement.

For at least 2 hours yesterday, as I was flipping through the months with my highlighter and different color pens, I caught myself in “deer in headlights” mode over and over and over again. Month after month I was just shaking my head and saying, “Wow.” I’m so glad Chrysalis Sun came out with her blog, “The Year of 10: Meeting 2017 With Complete Awareness” before the conclusion of the this past December! It was so vital for so many of us to have that information before moving into this new energy of 2017. CLICK HERE if you weren’t lucky enough to catch those jewels already! They’re important!



2017 is going to be LOUD, people. And it’s going to be more important than ever for ALL OF US to maintain a sense of awareness in regards to WHO WE REALLY ARE. Not what the television is telling you. Not the movies, or the magazines. Not the newspaper. Not the so-called president (who EVER it is!). Not your mother, father or your best friend. Not the trolls on your Facebook page or your YouTube channel, and definitely not the amateur magicians that are TRYING to cast spells on you because you put them on blast publicly for the world to see (CLICK HERE, if you missed that story). This is about WHAT YOU KNOW IN YOUR HEART TO BE TRUE ABOUT YOU. It is time to grasp on to that and hold on to it like you mean it. You are in for the ride of your life!

We start things off early with Venus changing signs tomorrow, January 3rd, as it enters Pisces. Please refer to the Pisces “party” that I mentioned in the urgent global weather warning broadcast back in November, and how this “party” is very-much-so related to all the recent ocean storm activity we’ve been seeing all over the world since that broadcast first went LIVE. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW TO WATCH THE ENTIRE BROADCAST!

If that wasn’t enough of a New Year tone-setter, Mercury’s got some more things to say the VERY NEXT DAY, this Wednesday January 4th, as it Retrogrades back into the Sign of Sagittarius right before it prepares to go Direct again next Sunday, January 8th!

The “How to Survive the Shift” webinar is NEXT THURSDAY! Are you in need of some answers? Registration is still open. See you in class!


URGENT BROADCAST!!! (11/18/16)



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