Uranus Goes Direct Tomorrow!

Uranus Retrograde 2016


Uranus Retrograde 2016 starts on July 29th, 2016 at 24°30′ Aries and stations direct on December 29th, 2016 at 20°33′ Aries.

Uranus retrograde 2016 is a transition phase from five years of chaotic upheaval with Uranus square Pluto to the smooth transitions of Saturn trine Uranus in 2017.

Use Uranus retrograde to plan and prepare for any major changes in your life. Internal changes can be made now but wait until Uranus direct before initiating external change.

Before I go into more detail about Uranus retrograde 2016, I will talk about what it means to have Uranus retrograde in your natal chart then the general meaning of Uranus retrograde in transit.




Uranus Retrograde Meaning

Uranus retrograde in the natal chart is shared by 40% of people. As with Neptune and Pluto, it is not considered as detrimental or significant as having a retrograde inner planet like Venus which affects only 7% of the population. However, Uranus retrograde does have a noticeable influence with the rebellious nature of the planet being enhanced.

In a former life you may have caused much stress and danger to yourself and loved ones because of your rebellious actions. Experimenting with radical methods and ideas may have caused a crop to fail or a loss in battle. Perhaps your selfish need to stand out and be yourself brought shame and loss to you and your family.

Retrograde motion also internalizes the disruptive nature of Uranus. In this life you may feel the shock on the inside as stress, restlessness and impulsiveness. Internal instability can lead to anxiety disorders, spasms, neurotic behavior or rapid personality changes.

Uranus retrograde by position and aspect shows the areas of life, or the personality traits and behaviors, which specifically require extra development. The optimum Uranus nature is intuitive, ingenious and original. A healthy Uranus can be eccentric yet comfortable in self-expression. The aim is to be yourself while not upsetting the status quo.

Uranus retrograde in your chart could show as abruptness or egotism. Erratic behavior or unreliability may be holding you back. Such traits could well have been an ongoing problem hindering success over many incarnations. Events or relationships will keep reinforcing the problem area this life, especially during Uranus retrograde phases, until you make the necessary internal changes.

Uranus retrograde in transit is a regular cycle lasting 155 days every year in which the planet moves 4 degrees backwards through the zodiac. This is a time of inner change in response to external changes in your life. Aspects that Uranus retrograde makes to your chart will give more detail about the type of change and the areas of life affected.

You may have been anticipating a major change in your life or trying to facilitate change but nothing has happened. In this case, transiting Uranus retrograde will induce the internal changes in attitude or behavior which are necessary to make the desired change possible.

Often the changes you seek are to allow more personal freedom. Whatever the case, Uranus retrograde lets you process things internally before you manifest the external change once Uranus turns direct.

Another possibility is that you have been disruptive and rebellious, trying to force radical change. Whether your revolution was based on ignorance or the innocence of youth, Uranus retrograde will bring higher self-awareness and insights about the error of your ways. A period of less chaotic internal changes should follow.




Uranus Retrograde 2016

The chart for Uranus stationary retrograde below does not show how this cycle fits into the bigger scheme of things. We are just coming out of a five-year period of intense chaos caused by Uranus square Pluto. This has permanently changed the face of politics around the world.

It brought revolution across the Islamic world, turning the Middle East upside down and finally manifested as Islamic State terrorism. An unprecedented levels of emigration has brought mass drownings, kidnapping, rape and slavery. Extremism in the form of Nationalism is rising in Western nations in response to religious extremism within Islam.


Uranus Retrograde 2016


The next major planetary aspect involving Uranus is the more orderly Saturn trine Uranus lasting from December 2016 to November 2017. However, Saturn sesquisquare Uranus in the retrograde chart means hard work in preparation for the methodical change ahead.

Saturn sesquisquare or sesquiquadrate (135°) Uranus symbolizes a breakup in existing conditions. This is a stepping stone from ruthless carnage on the way to smooth transitions. The Government and Rebels are both exhausted and desire peace. However, the fight continues for bargaining positions until the final peace is settled.

In your personal life you may sense a positive change ahead but realize more groundwork is required. There are too many examples around you of the mess left behind by impatience and reckless belligerence. Use this retrograde time to develop your inner strengths so you can adapt to changing conditions.

Mercury trine Uranus opens up your mind to new possibilities. There may be some exciting news coming your way, or chance encounters with stimulating people. All of your senses are stimulated and your intuition should be strong and accurate. Flashes of insight are possible when awake, or asleep through vivid dreaming. Being around interesting people is important because you will gain a lot of insight through sharing ideas.

Venus trine Uranus gives the urge to try something new. If already attached you will be seeking a different kind of pleasure. Experimentation in the bedroom may be necessary to keep your eyes from wandering. If single, then this transit increases the odds of finding someone new. An electric or kinky type of attractiveness will bring eccentric types within your range, or you may be attracted to, and attract people from cultures or lifestyles different from your own.


URGENT BROADCAST!!! (11/18/16)


Uranus Direct 2016

The planning and preparation stage in now over and it is time to make the change.


Uranus Direct 2016


Jupiter opposite Uranus greatly increases your need for personal freedom and excitement. There is a tendency to totally renew and start afresh. You can find adventure and personal growth through travel, education and new relationships while still maintaining certain core responsibilities in your life. A change in beliefs or social interaction may be all it takes to act as a circuit breaker.

Jupiter sextile Saturn is a time of cautious expansion. Opportunities for growth may come in any area of life. You may earn promotion or may take on more responsibility. You will come out of this experience wiser, richer or happier. Business investments will bring you financial stability and long-term steady growth. Investing in property or blue chip stocks would be especially good for wealth creation.

Saturn trine Uranus represents a transition phase in life. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. Change will not be upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can. You will remain calm and patient, planning every step methodically. You can find new ways of doing old things without rocking the boat. You may be given more responsibility but also be allowed enough freedom to tackle the work in your own way.





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