South Korea Impeachment

Peace, everyone! If you live in “the states,” I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of what’s been going on with Trump and Hillary. Have you heard about what’s been going down in South Korea? I talk a lot about protesting and how ineffective it can be. However, in my recent LIVE broadcast concerning Earth changes and upcoming global storms I mentioned how the situation at Standing Rock is different than the type of protesting we usually see in “the states” because the natives are using magick.

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The use of metaphysics is a necessary component in protesting because efficient protesting isn’t about using either brute force OR consistent demands. It is about taking back control over the imagination of the masses. With today’s ‘Information Age’ technology it is easier than ever to do this. All people have to do is produce a collective idea that grabs the attention of the masses all over the world via social media and video platforms such as YouTube. With these tools, power can be restored to the people who are producing the idea by drawing in energy through this world-wide attention, which feeds the protesters’ thought forms enough to manifest.

This must be done carefully, however. Meaning, the collective has to be very specific and wise about displaying ideas that represent the outcome(s) they want. For, as many of us know from our experimenting with the Law of Attraction over the years, it can be very easy to instead get the opposite of what is wanted even when the intention is strong and pure. In the “states,” Trump’s so-called “win” is a perfect example of this! Manifestation is more about having control over one’s imagination than it is about what we want or what we think we deserve, or even what we put our effort directly into. In a protest, success comes through promoting certain images in the streets just like Hollywood does on the big screen. Organization is a necessary factor as well.

Take a look at how South Korea’s people get busy when it’s time for an uprising. Koreans have been in the streets for weeks now. The video clip below was published November 20th. Finally, as of last Friday, December 9th, the President has been impeached! This is how we use magick in the streets! Take notes.






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