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Peace, everyone! I trust you are enjoying your Saturday(or whatever day it is for you by the time you read this). I’d like to use today’s blog to announce something I’m extremely excited about. Many of you are aware that at one point I was working full-time as a Wellness consultant at Sevananda Natural Foods Market, a “community owned natural foods market” here in Atlanta, Georgia. Shoppers come all the way from other states just to find some of the rarely sold remedies that can be found on the wellness department shelves. Sevananda is also known for having the 2nd largest bulk herbs section in the entire country. It truly is an amazing place to be on a day-to-day basis, witnessing the ACTUAL position our communities are in with regards to our state of health.

I can remember different people coming into the store every single day to tell my teammates and I things that they were not even comfortable telling their own doctors. And a first-time customer was (and probably still is) a regular thing to see. Many of whom came in to the store because their friend heard about their ailment or condition and referred them. Many who have lived in Atlanta their entire lives had never heard of the store before, however those who have really been around and learned the “best kept secrets” of the city(we know every city has them) definitely have Sevananda on their list.

I know that many of my teammates, as well as people in the community were quite upset to see me go. Still to this day I hear news of those who travel great distances to the store looking for me because either I had helped them before OR they were told to come see me. I can’t tell you all how much that means to me. Seriously. My former co-workers will tell you, I’m serious about helping the people. ALL people! I’m honestly almost getting a little teary-eyed typing this right now, actually. Wow. (momentary writer’s block)…..

I’m telling y’all (and you may have caught wind of this in one of my previous blogs) the wellness department in Sevananda is truly like the E.R., with plenty of experiences to make you want to drop everything and go outside to breathe for a few minutes just to get yourself together. And that’s just from having to hold space for everyone coming to see you because of their life-threatening conditions back to back to back to back to back. That’s not even getting into the things workers deal with outside of helping shoppers. I could literally do an entire weeks worth of daily LIVE broadcasts on the subject and have some o’ y’all bottom jaws stuck to the floor halfway through the week. But I digress.


What I’m excited about is the fact that I’ve found the time to put this type of in-your-face service back into my schedule, but now ON MY OWN TERMS! What does that mean? That means I get to offer you one-on-one, personalized, uninterrupted service INSIDE THE STORE whenever YOU are available. No more, “Is Stilts here today?” only to be disappointed by finding out not only am I not there, but I don’t even work there anymore. Now, when you’re ready, I’m ready. We can talk for all the time you need, because once you purchase my time, it’s yours!

First we have our sit-down time at the table, similar to how my consultations have always been, and then I give you a tour through the entire wellness department as well as other departments of the store that contain health items you will want, based on your current situation. And remember, our condition changes. Therefore, wellness consultations are something we want to consider as a routine thing for us, not just a one-time quick-fix. That’s how we get into trouble later down the road. And then reversal of unwanted conditions, while possible, become more of a prolonged experience.

I’ve been in both the grocery and food service industries since I began my first job all the way back in high school. On top of that I’ve been in the “health food” industry for over a decade. Community co-ops, Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, I’ve worked at them all. If you REALLY want to know what’s going on behind the scenes of these so-called health food stores… if you want to know the REAL reason many of your so-called health care providers are telling you what they are telling you… if you want to know what they are NOT telling you… if you REALLY want to get some understanding and some SCIENCE behind what we are supposed to be eating or not eating and WHY, then schedule a store walk consultation with me right now.

Let me SHOW you exactly why I’m so well known in and around Atlanta, Georgia after only being here for 2 and a half years. CLICK HERE to schedule a private walk for yourself if you need personal privacy. If you are interested, ask about the group packages available as well! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and check out the video below where I share with Johnny some things most people don’t know about alkaline water.

Shout out to all my Sevananda crew! I love y’all! It was definitely a journey. Yup, they have no idea. 😉




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