Chrysalis Sun Speaks

Peace, everyone! Today, I’m sharing an important message from Chrysalis Sun from and it is actually a message that is coming from many healers in the healing community. Keep that in mind. Also, be sure to contact her for your crystals, gemstones, crystal reiki, Tarot readings, Oracle readings, private wellness consultations, and SO MUCH MORE! I’ve never in my life met ANYONE who displays more knowledge AND wisdom about crystals and gemstones than her, and I’ve been in this field of metaphysics for well over a decade! Her knowledge is absolutely mind-blowing. I mean that.

Remember, Chrysalis Sun will be joining me to help teach the class I’m providing on January 12th, a 3-hour LIVE online intensive, “How To Survive The Shift.” Spiritual warfare is stirring up more than ever, and it is going to be important for us to understand how to communicate efficiently with the other side. Another aspect of what we are dealing with is the physical aspect of this war, even though we are referring to it as “Spiritual.” The very idea of “Spirit” encompasses all things, therefore we will need to protect the WHOLE self! Food deception, for instance, is one of the main weapons of this warfare and so whether we like it or not – we WILL have to get a handle on what we are REALLY supposed to be eating, and WHY!

During class, you will be learning sacred techniques to protect both your Spirit body AND your physical body as we move through the remainder of the planetary chaos. You will learn how to communicate with your own Spirit as well as the different aspects of the natural world through the art of Spirit languages and what I like to call “shaman sense.” . . . This class is going to be MAJOR, folks! If you want to know how to move through the intense events that are coming, ESPECIALLY with the upcoming physical Earth changes, ocean storms, earthquakes and global cataclysms that have already begun, SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS!!!

Also, look forward to receiving some much needed how-to’s regarding the specific aspect of healing work that attracted me more than anything else, PAIN RELIEF! Group that together with the ideas of in-the-moment accelerated healing and knowledge of self and you’ve got a powerful knock-out punch for anything that is threatening your well-being. Yes, ANYTHING! Stay tuned for important upcoming class announcements as we get closer to the 12th! The platform is user-friendly and super easy to connect to. Once your payment is processed, all it takes is clicking the broadcast link that you will receive, waiting a few moments while the platform loads, and then you’re in! We’ve only got 50 seats in the webinar room and once they are filled, the doors close. So if you can, REGISTER NOW!

Enjoy the video, and the rest of your fabulous Friday! Remember to check back tomorrow for your weekend news!




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