Mercury is Turning Up!

Peace, everyone! So yes, “that time” is approaching again. It’s Mercury Retrograde season! Yesterday’s Venus transit is already causing shifts in our thinking and so Mercury, the prince of thought processes, is sure to amp up the volume involved with these changes. And even though the actual Retrograde storm is not until the 19th of this month, we are already well within the shadow period where things begin to go haywire “early.”

Have you misplaced your phone several times recently? Or perhaps it’s completely lost with no hope of return. Did the screen crack that final time, leaving you in a position where you now have no choice but to replace it? Is your phone no longer receiving a charge when you plug it in to restore the battery life? That last example is actually what happened to me about 2 weeks ago. So I am taking this time to inform everyone, now that I’ve had some time to enjoy this unexpected vacation the universe provided me with. It was sweet, however I know several people have been attempting to reach me without realizing what had happened.

My lesson? Well, to take care of at least part of it I’ve decided to get me an old fashioned ‘rolodex’ so regardless of what happens in the future with any phone I have yet to use, never again will I have to ask what I am about to right now. If you are one of the people who has been reaching out to me with no response, please leave your name and number in the mailbox HERE and I will add it to my PHYSICAL contacts list. Yes, I am writing down ALL of my contacts that I accumulate this time. So this is it. I’m making things easier for myself, which is part of the whole ‘Mercury Retrograde’ lesson. Or ANY Retrograde, for that matter. Also, until my personal cell phone is replaced you can call or text my business line at (404)482-0256. I will do my best to respond to all voicemail messages within 48 hours.

So what’s the lesson for you? Well, that depends on who you are? Do you know your natal planetary positions? Are you a Gemini or a Virgo? Do you know your rising sign? Are you measuring from the 12-sign or 13-sign astrology model? Both are valid by the way, even though some people would have you think the 12-sign version is outdated, and only “their” new 13-sign interpretation is correct now. But that’s another blog for another day. Perhaps an entire class. The bottom line is: on many levels we are all unique individuals and just because one system works, that doesn’t mean that others aren’t just as valid. You have to sync with what resonates for you. If someone tells you that only “their way” is what works, it would be wise to be very careful with how you interact with this person, if at all.

Furthermore, while any and every Mercury Retrograde is going to effect us all in certain ways across-the-board, we all have to take a look at ourselves to see what the intricate details of those effects will be. This is why more and more people are opening up to astrology and seeking out a better understanding of themselves through purchasing natal chart readings, forecast readings, relationship readings, and counsel for event planning and date setting.

It is even possible to receive guidance with regards to relocation and choosing places of residence based on which areas of the world sync with our astrological blueprint! For me, both Seattle, Washington and Atlanta, Georgia are EXCELLENT! Not only was I able to know this before traveling to either destination, but I also knew WHY and what to look for! Yes it’s that deep.

So have some fun with the possibilities provided by of the immense amount of knowledge that is out here available to you in the marketplace of astrologers, seers, shamans, oracles, and mystics of all kinds. You might be surprised how much this knowledge is actually worth! And since Mercury deals with thought processes, communication, travel, health, and our daily routines, these are the matters of the day. Meditate on these ideas and ask yourself, “Do I need help in any of these areas?”

If you do, reach out to someone you trust who can lay out the planetary energies in front of you and read them for you. This time around, Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn, the sign of career, teamwork, systems and public display. As someone from this community of metaphysicians, it is important that I put on public display that in order for our careers to be around for everyone to benefit from, there needs to be a system of teamwork in place. See how that works? This brings us back to the conversation of group economics. Support your wise counsel, healers, teachers on a regular basis (meaning, put it in your monthly budget!), and they can therefore continue to support you!

This Mercury Retrograde coming up on December 19th, like the previous one in September, is going to be particularly intense. There are many reasons for this. So, instead of me letting this blog turn into a college paper, STAY TUNED for upcoming blogs and videos with more practical information we can really sink our teeth into. Perhaps I’ll even put together another LIVE class prior to Mercury’s change in direction so we can address it together with an online Q & A. What you think? Let me know. For now, here’s the chart for the exact minute Mercury goes Retrograde later this month. The time is “Eastern Standard.”

Any questions? Throw them in the mailbox HERE!

Enjoy your Thursday!





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One response to “Mercury is Turning Up!

  1. Good read . i embrace the period , always remind myself it’s apart of the process . last retrograde ended a few friendship

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