LIVE Broadcast: 2016 Magic

Peace, everyone! It’s Tuesday and tonight’s the night! Chrysalis and I are going LIVE on the air at 8pm Eastern Standard Time to talk about what’s REALLY been going on this entire year. 2016 has been one of the most electrifying years many of us have ever seen. But there has been much going on that has been “unseen” as well.

Ever since the LIVE broadcast a few weeks ago when I explained Neptune’s shifting energies in the cosmos several of you have been contacting both Chrysalis and myself with all types of questions. These intense upcoming Earth changes that we’ve been speaking about have now already begun. Many of the storms across the globe in different countries were brought to my attention after the broadcast, the VERY NEXT DAY! However, at this point these “catastrophes” are no longer the only part of the “planetary shift” conversation that needs our attention.

This shift that we all speak of has many levels to it, and only recently have many of us become ready to face certain aspects of the new paradigm. This is because shifting in the ways Earth is demanding of us means letting go of outdated beliefs, regardless of what they are. Some of us were exposed more fully to the more uneasy truths of our existence on this planet several years ago. Over time, we have equipped ourselves with the means to spread our awareness to the masses and this year has been a signal to all of us that it is time, now more than ever, to use the equipment and communication tools we have fortified ourselves with in order to shine the light of unapologetic truth for all to see.

What was the TRUTH about the intensity of this entire year? DISTRACTIONS! . . . But it’s MORE than just that, and many of us want answers I’m sure. So TUNE IN TONIGHT as Chrysalis Sun joins me for a LIVE 2-Part online broadcast, “Distractions: The Magic of 2016” where you will receive absolute clarity on the types of distractions we’re referring to, why there were so many, what we were being distracted from, and HOW! We’ll be thoroughly dissecting a few of these distractions as well as decoding the astrological alignments involved in them. And I’ve gotta tell you, Chrysalis and I were up last night reviewing a bunch of these dates and astrological charts in preparation for class, and all I have to say about that is – prepare to have your mind absolutely blown.

There are forces on this planet absolutely determined to manipulate the masses of the people and they have the very knowledge necessary to do so by making certain important “moves” at certain times. Whether we like it or not, many of these people with the most knowledge are literally aiming to harm the majority of the world’s population. I can say with absolute confidence, after looking at the planetary alignments for each of the events we’ll be discussing tonight, THEY KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE DOING! And tonight, I’m going to SHOW YOU! I’ll be screen-sharing these astrological charts and breaking them down so you can see for yourself! It’s time we learned how to protect ourselves FOR REAL!

We go LIVE online at 8pm until about 9:30pm (Eastern Standard Time) with a short intermission so everyone can rest their brains. We’re going in, y’all. So get some rest before tonight if you can.

This class is FREE for everyone in attendance and will be open for anyone to join until the seats fill up! If you want to attend this broadcast, either send me a short message HERE to have the broadcast link sent to your email, or CLICK HERE to join the Facebook event page, “Distractions: The Magic of 2016,” and keep a look out for the broadcast link in the event’s discussion feed. Once the link is posted on the Facebook event page or received in your email inbox you can enter the webinar room right away to reserve your seat!

The room we are using tonight seats 30 people so STAY TUNED because once it’s full the doors will close. Remember that pen and pad and BRING YOUR QUESTIONS!!! We will address anything we see come up in the chat room.

See you tonight!!!


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