Retrogrades Fully Explained

Peace, everyone! Well, we’re steadily approaching the end of 2016 . . . Can you believe it? . . . December is gonna be an interesting finale to an already super explosive year! Some of you are probably thinking “What else could possibly happen?” . . . Careful with those type of questions, trust me. But just to give you a quick heads-up, Mercury Retrograde is coming back around one last time to have the last word of 2016, so regardless of what you THINK has been going on, be prepared for some “final chapter” surprises as we wrap up this number “9” year.

( 2016 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = “9” )

In numerology, “9” is both associated with completion and destruction. “9” is also associated with evolution, transformation and Pluto energy. And guess what else is happening THE EXACT SAME DAY Mercury goes Retrograde later this month on the 19th. Mars enters Pisces! I discussed this in my URGENT LIVE broadcast on Friday, November 18th of this year where I discussed Neptune turning Direct and upcoming Earth changes, some of which we began to see THE VERY NEXT DAY!!! Several people inbox’d me, called me and sent all kinds of global weather article links through text messages, etc. to inform me because they saw my broadcast the previous day and were amazed. It was an unbelievable weekend.

PLEASE, if you have not seen that broadcast, click on the “home” link in the main menu above to go to the homepage and play the video at the top in the center of the screen. I purposely posted it there so that once word spread around about it the video would be easy for anyone to find and review. Please share this information with your loved ones. I trust you will be able to FEEL how important and serious it is when you view it for yourself.

To help everyone get a handle on how to actually move through retrogrades efficiently, I’m putting together some videos and showing how each planet expresses this energy in different ways and why. Below is the first video in the series, published with an overall breakdown first in order to help everyone understand retrogrades in general. The video includes some very basic information to help anyone from the beginner level to the highly experienced.

I’ve also made a point to explain a key 3-dimensional trait of retrogrades that I’ve never heard anyone else explain, but once you are aware of this concept it helps a TON in regards to tapping into HOW to interact with the energetic shifts retrogrades cause because you have a clear understanding of what’s actually happening in the cosmos with respect to planet Earth. Be on the lookout for upcoming videos in the series individually highlighting the retrograde experience from each planet.

Also, make sure you STAY TUNED for TOMORROW’s blog post if you haven’t already heard about the huge FREE LIVE broadcast I’ll be presenting alongside Chrysalis Sun from! We’ll be discussing the distractions of 2016, why there were so many, what we were being distracted from, and HOW! We’re discussing all of this and a WHOLE LOT MORE as we bring you “Distractions: The Magic of 2016” tomorrow night at 8pm! So MARK YOUR CALENDARS and have a pen and a pad ready! For more information on how to attend (remember, it’s FREE!), make sure you make your way back to the Shaman Hands Blog tomorrow! For now, enjoy the video below!

Peace, Love & Light!


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