Stilts Goes Wild: Setting The Record Straight

Peace, everyone!

So I’m back on the blogs and already I “owe” y’all 3 for the ones I was unable to post during this 3 day period we just ended. There’s just so much going on, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. In addition, there’s so much that needs to be explained. So I’ve decided to go back and touch on some key things first in case many are still unaware of them. What are we gonna touch on first? Some of you already guessed it. Yup, the sexual predators posing to be healers in the healing community. Fasten your seat belt.

So, recently… towards the end of September of this year… I posted an announcement about sexual predators in our community. More specifically, the “healing community,” meaning people who are professing or claiming to be “healers,” which would include a variety of different titles, positions, etc. including massage therapists, energy healers, shamans, psychic surgeons, Reiki practitioners, mystics, oracles,… you get the idea. More specifically still, I actually called out someone’s name over the Facebook public news feed! . . . *GASP!* . . . “You did WHAT?!!” . . . That’s right, I called out someone BY NAME as a “sexual predator pretending to be a healer…” and then proceeded to share where exactly that information came from.

Needless to say, this sparked pandemonium on my timeline pretty quickly. And for those who did not witness any of this in real time, just to give you an idea… that post went up on a Friday morning and the comment thread immediately experienced a flood of back-to-back comments that did not even slow down until mid-day Monday of the following week. I’m serious. It took me till Wednesday of the following week before I could even catch up, myself, with the real-time part of the conversation. And yes, it was still going. Remember, I just said it slowed DOWN mid-day Monday. So for everyone who was wondering “Why isn’t Stilts responding to anything anyone is saying?” that’s one reason (out of several). That’s how long it took me to catch back up with the conversation. But then, why wasn’t I responding and involved early on? Why did I just drop a bomb, shake a bunch of shit up and then walk away? Right?

What hardly anybody knows is(except for those I’ve had an opportunity to discuss this with in person)… when I first posted that jaw dropper it was my very intention to sit back and see what the first response(s) was(were) gonna be, and address each and every one of them. I already KNEW that shit was gonna have people “comin’ for me.” And was ready and willing to talk about any and everything I stated, and address questions/concerns. But guess what. To my surprise, within seconds (literally) of me making the post public, a sister hit my direct inbox on Facebook thanking me REPEATEDLY and asked if it was okay to call me. Outloud, I said, “Oh shit!” and on Facebook, I said “Of course!”

So next thing I know – I’m on the phone with this sister who is now providing me with yet ANOTHER explanation of incident after incident after incident of personal space violations, sexual AND non-sexual in nature, regarding the exact same person I mentioned in the Facebook post. This is on top of several independent-of-each-other testimonials brought to me DIRECTLY from people who have ALL reported fear of coming forward! This phone conversation lasted about 30 to 45 minutes, and so by the time I got off the phone and was able to check my computer, pandemonium had already exploded.

I was scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling… just shaking my head. “Wow.” … So before I know it everybody is flipping out, people are attacking each other, other names are now being called out, people are obviously more-so reacting instead of carefully reading what was even originally said, and the whole time I’m holding space for EVERYONE (even the few people who talked their little shit about me and certain things I said, and made their cute little threats). I wanted to respond to literally every single comment that someone made, however it was clear to me early on that nothing I would have been able to say would have been truly heard in that moment… not to mention the fact that I already knew we were in the middle of an unusually intense Mercury Retrograde, which ALWAYS demands more listening than talking. So what did I do? I obeyed nature… and just sat back and “listened” to everybody go in on each other. It was a sight to see, y’all. Truly unbelievable.

I believe it was my highly expressive frustration while reading through the comment thread those first few days that inspired Chrysalis Sun to record a YouTube video to “set the record straight.” There’s a bunch of different things that I’ve wanted to address with how this whole thing continued to unfold… even after Chrysalis’s YouTube video began circulating. There is so much pain in our people. Even before my Sevananda days, for years as a shaman I could see it in our energy fields. Our beliefs. Our words. But in Sevananda’s Wellness department, that’s when it got real for me. That’s when it became more than just helping people from the Spirit realm, and shifting energy they couldn’t see that resulted in their physical healing. That’s when I got a half-court, front-row seat of the condition of our people and how it’s so severe that nobody even sees it, let alone talks about it.

My former Wellness teammates and I have a nickname for Sevananda’s Wellness department. Even other people around the rest of the store can vouch for this. We call it the “E.R.” Do you know WHY we call it the E.R.? Because that’s literally what that shit feels like after working over there for a while. I can remember almost every single day, from the time I clocked in till the time I clocked out, people coming into the store looking for help and remedies for diabetes, cancers of ALL kinds, high-blood pressure, swollen prostate, erectile dysfunction, fibroids, herpes, eczema, intestinal disorders … y’all, the list goes on and on, but this was a REGULAR THING!!!

So not only am I learning how to help people with all of this stuff from a standpoint of supplements, herbs, vitamins/minerals, food safety, and hard to find remedies known for only being found at Sevananda, but I’m also learning about the depths of the manipulation that goes on in the industry behind the companies, the business relationships, and where the big money is being placed. I’ve known about the so-called health ‘food’ industry lies, and these corporation weapons for years. However, in the health and “WELLNESS” industry, once we’re talking about supplements, herbs, remedies, etc.? That’s a whole ‘nother level of warfare, people. But you want to know what is an even higher level of warfare than THAT?

It’s called Spiritual warfare. Metaphysical warfare. Warfare where it’s impossible to prove to anyone you’re being attacked because the untrained eyes (all three) can’t see it. Warfare where you’re not necessarily afraid of someone’s physical presence but you’re afraid of them infiltrating your dreams. Warfare where the pawns are tricked by the heads of their own team into fighting for a cause that is different than what they believe it to be – in other words, warfare that has people defending the abusers of power because these power-abusers lied to and tricked the very ones that defend them.

Spiritual warfare is something that is being discussed more and more, yet remains highly misunderstood by most of us. This is because of the very nature of Spiritual warfare. It’s nature is that of the “unseen” realm. So, naturally it is going to be more misunderstood than the “seen” forms of warfare. But there are those that DO see. And we are in ever increasing numbers on this planet. And regardless of what anyone thinks or believes, there are certain actions and behaviors that we will not tolerate. From anyone. Period. So what are these behaviors? These actions? What are we really saying here?

We love to argue over terms, and why wouldn’t we? We’re stuck inside of a poisonous language. It only makes sense. But without going off on THAT tangent, I need to clear some things up right here. In my original post, I stated some very specific things. “Sexual Predator” was a term I used that was all the buzz throughout different parts of the comment thread. Apparently people want to run from this term’s simplicity. And simple it is. What is a sexual predator? Someone or some THING that preys on someone ELSE or some OTHER THING for sex! Simple!

The problem is that WE DON’T KNOW WHAT SEX IS! So everybody’s arguing over what predator means, and what defines the so-called line you can’t cross… so we can then argue over what sexual predator means without addressing the fact that we’ve got “sex” all wrong in the first place. But without me even needing to get swept off into THAT sidebar either, enough people would already agree that without even getting into “special” circumstances sexual predator behavior in intolerable. Period. Here’s the OTHER problem…

When we are dealing with your average, run-of-the-mill sexual predator and we’re only talking about things on a physical level, the status-quo provides ways of managing that type of situation that are arguably safe without having to expose someone. However, there are those that would disagree with keeping even these types of sexual predators names confidential. The person I called out is not just a sexual predator though. Let’s be clear. The person I called out is a METAPHYSICAL sexual predator. What does that mean?

That means this person preys on others for sex but does it in ways that cannot be seen by most, in ways that cannot be proven to those who are only predominantly left-brain in their thinking (the majority of the people on the land mass we inhabit AND the very system we are a part of). We are talking about predatory activities that have women flying uncontrollably out-of-body only to be subject to witnessing their own, now immobile, physical vessel being penetrated and raped on a massage table. And the massage table supposedly set up for a “healing session” has now become the terrifying place a woman’s soul must return to after witnessing such violation to her body, only to learn afterwards that there is no acknowledgement or admission of anything outside of a “healing” even happening at all.

This is the level of sinister activity that we are discussing here, not some regular “has anyone confronted him?” type of bullying. This is Spiritual bullying. This is hypnotism at its finest. And this will not be tolerated. Not by me, or anyone that is truly rolling with me. And I am friends with some very powerful people, as well as non-physical entities, let that be known. Also, something I want to make absolutely clear is that SOME SITUATIONS DO NOT REQUIRE PRIVATE CONFRONTING OR REQUESTING OF CONFIRMATION ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT SOMETHING IS TRUE!!!

Furthermore, some situations demand an awareness to be spread into the minds of the people, IN PUBLIC, so that a significant danger can be neutralized before it gets out of hand. Many of my peers would say this particular situation has BEEN out of hand, but many of them would also admit that they too, along with those who have come to me for help, were afraid to call out the name of the person I exposed. A huge shout out to all of you that took up for me all throughout that unbelievable comment thread, and from what I hear – on other’s pages, in direct message conversations, and even in the streets. I am truly grateful to all of you!

As a shaman, regardless of what anyone thinks or wants to believe, I have a responsibility to step up in certain situations that would require certain metaphysical abilities and training, which… let’s be honest… most of us are not tapped into. I do not take the title shaman lightly and ANY of my teachers will tell you that. Even the very person I called out has endorsed me… PUBLICLY ON FACEBOOK! And yes, he was a teacher of mine as well, which I’m sure many of you have been questioning, but he was not my first teacher in the field of metaphysics by ANY means. Steve Cokely was. And I’ve had many others, including names like SiStar MyRah who will vouch for me any day of the week. As a matter of fact you can see for yourself if you just click the intro video on my homepage underneath the “Who Is Stilts?” section.

So for anyone who is challenging me for being “out of line” whether you are the one who said it publicly on the post comment thread along with your other so-called threats, or if you’re someone else who’s just thinking it, feel free to contact SiStar MyRah, Momma AZ, Momma Pill, Brother Kwame Sunhorse, or Kali Ma herself! I’m sure they will be happy to provide you with all the verification you need.

With that being said, beloveds… there’s so much I am willing to address regarding all of this. It has brought out into the open so much within a much-needed discussion that, before my post, didn’t even exist. For that I am grateful, and I am willing to keep the conversation going from my end. For now, this was a much needed straightening of some very crooked records and I am aware that the process may not be complete still. If you have questions, hit the contact link. For those of you who haven’t seen the video Chrysalis recorded LIVE originally on Facebook and is now on YouTube, setting the record straight in her OWN way, I have provided the video for you below so you can be brought up to speed. Remember, this conversation isn’t over. Many of you are already aware that other names are to be put on blast, and that the process has already begun.

There’s a war going on. Are you awake?
Peace, Love & Light!


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