ORACLES: New Open Mic in Atlanta

Tomorrow, we kick-off the first night of ‘ORACLES,’ the newest open mic in Atlanta, Georgia! This first installment features Chrysalis Sun and ANON the Griot as they unveil their latest works of art to the public! Spread the word, and bring your LYRICS! This is going to be a night to remember!

Join us every 1st Thursday at 8pm for ORACLES, and come prepared to engulf yourself into the heartfelt artistic expression of the times we’re currently moving through! This is the age of information and there is true power in us being able to jump on the mic and share what we have with our people! For information on how to become a feature poet, contact Chrysalis Sun at! The open mic list is for everyone in attendance! Vendors will be present. That INCLUDES FOOD! CLICK THE FLYER to pre-register online and receive the discount, or you can pay at the door.

See you tomorrow!


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