I’m Back!

Peace, everyone!

So, hopefully you were able to catch the URGENT LIVE broadcast message that went out over the worldwide airwaves a week ago, regarding upcoming Earth changes (some of which we’ve already seen SINCE that broadcast!), Neptune turning Direct, and many other important time-sensitive topics that needed to be put on the table for discussion. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this daily blog and I’m excited about all that I have in store for you!

I’ve thought long and hard both yesterday and today about how exactly to bring you up to speed on all that’s happened since before my hiatus. After all, that was 3 whole years ago! And I’ve concluded that instead of trying to cram all of that into one blog post during my reintroduction period, only to most certainly leave out far too many juicy details, I’m going to have to fill you in bit by bit, piece by piece, as the days continue to unfold. Keeping that in mind, there are some extremely vital issues that have come to the surface and they must be dealt with as a collective with support from the community of light-workers on this planet, which I am a part of. So while I am eager to share with you many of the chapters from my journey over the last 38 months, I have a responsibility to address much of the more recent events and issues that are more pressing for all of humanity.

The global shift we have been speaking about for years now has finally caught the attention of a more mainstream audience and we are experiencing another leap in our collective awareness that demands a new level of support from those of us that are most aware. I originally took a hiatus from blogging and my blog talk radio show in order to focus on relocating from Greensboro, North Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia and I knew that it was going to be a transition so major that it would be a while before I could reconnect with my online routine fully.

After unexpectedly being called on a detour to Seattle for 5 months, along with a TON of other adventures that I will be getting to as we move forward together, I am happy to finally be able to say that I have successfully planted my feet in the “A,” I have committed to “laying low” for at least a year like I said I was going to do (regardless of who was ‘pulling at me’ to come out and play) so that I could learn my environment, the culture, the people, etc. I have established my home, my inner circle, my business relationships, my garden, and so much more . . . and now I’M BACK!

So check me out right here for your answers about astrological weather forecasts, personal astrology, relationship astrology, health astrology, dream symbolism, energy healing, meditation, healing foods, kitchen alchemy, beauty & body care, herbs, supplements & superior natural remedies, nutrition, gardening, crystals, psychic protection, energetic anatomy, indigo children, animal totems, ancestor communication, event announcements, spiritual counsel, upcoming classes, website updates, Spirit science, holistic healing, all things metaphysics, services, retail products, local businesses, group economics and SO MUCH MORE! EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

It’s the return of the Shaman Hands Blog! Welcome back!



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