It’s Assessment Time!!!

Welcome to the Mercury Retrograde!!!  If you’ve been having issues with your communication, whether it be through the use of your own words or the use of your computer or other electronic devices (which is part of the reason this blog is getting published at the end of today), then well . . . get comfortable.  From the perspective of Earth, Mercury (the planet of communication, thought processes, health regimens and daily work routines) is going backwards.

In short, all of these Mercury-like concepts are going to be operating more on the “inside” of us, rather than in our outer environment.  So in other words, generally speaking (with the exception being those of us that have Mercury already in retrograde-motion in our Astrological birth charts) we want to take our time with these different aspects of Mercury because now is the time for us to re-evaluate the way we think, speak, move around, and honor our health.  If we are in a space that feels difficult, remember . . . all you have to do is SLOW DOWN and ask yourself, “What am I now ready to change regarding these concepts?” because everything that is occurring is providing us with that very information.  This is re-assessment time and we are gifted with 3 and a half weeks to chill, not having to concern ourselves with doing anything brand new in these areas, and just “take it all in” . . . so by the time Mercury goes direct, we’ll have all the information we need to “move” differently and much more efficiently.

So embrace this time . . . we need it.  Let’s see what Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer, our friends over at Planet Pulse have to say about it.  And definitely check out Anne Ortelee’s Weekly Weather below, giving us an in-depth breakdown of Mercury and MUCH MORE! . . . And make sure you stay tuned for the upcoming episodes of “THE ANCIENT YOUTH: The Ancestors Have Arrived” because we’re gonna be talking about the Mercury Retrograde, AND this HUGE planetary alignment coming up on July 22nd forming a 6-pointed star (aka a Star of David alignment) . . . but for now, here’s Rick and Jeff!






Planet Pulse


Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer





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