Fathers, We Love You!!!

We went in for the “Fathers” last night!  Why did I put the word “Fathers” in quotation marks you ask?  CLICK the LINK below to go straight to the show archive and find out!  The show was absolutely AMAZING for me and I want to send out a special THANK YOU to my fellow kings, Malik Zakee from Organic Blood (OrganicBlood.com), and DNA (Destroying Negative Attitudes) for coming through as my special surprise guests, dropping gems all over the floor for our listeners to scoop up into their goodie bags!  It was indeed a pleasure to link elbows with these brothers and provide our listeners with SO MUCH INFORMATION regarding HOW to re-harmonize the planet, and what “Father” energy has to do with it all . . . Shout out to Vinston Goldman!  Love you dad!

Get your pens and pads out before you CLICK this LINK!  We tackled the current planetary weather we’re moving through, and more EXTREMELY powerful planetary alignments that are right around the corner and coming our way!  It’s almost officially summertime, and last night we addressed the Age of Aquarius in a way that I feel many people will appreciate, especially with all of the intensity that we’ve been exposed to this year!  So go ahead and kick back, put your feet up, relax, CLICK the ARCHIVE LINK, and prepare yourself to RECEIVE these fresh new goodies from the Shaman Hands oven!!!



The Ancestors Have Arrived


Special Edition
Father’s Day Episode

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