Distance Healing 101

Major CONSTRUCTION is happening here at ShamanHands.com!!!  If you take a look at the menu bar that extends down the left side of the site, you’ll notice that there are many links that are not yet “live.”  These links are visible to give you an idea of what’s coming to the ShamanHands.com website and what’s important in regards to Energy Healing, and other services provided here.

The most important pages, such as the “Disclaimer” page, the “Terms of Service” page, and the “Contact Stilts” page are up and running, but there is much more in store to come!  The “What You Need To Know” link directs you to important information that will be compiled so that visitors to the site will have instant access to pages explaining what Energy Healing is all about.  It will also introduce important terms such as “Harmonic Entrainment,” a KEY concept here at ShamanHands.com which describes in detail what is actually happening when you receive ANY type of healing session with me.  With the help of these up-and-coming resource pages, by the time you contact me you can already have a clearer understanding of what Energy Healing is, what it can do for you, the specifics of Shaman Hands techniques, and why this type of work is becoming more and more important in the world that we are living in today.

More and more people are asking questions about Energy Healing and for good reason . . . more and more people are seeing results from this kind of assistance and understanding the science involved!  As a result, this information is being spread at an accelerated rate ALL OVER THE GLOBE . . . which brings me to my next point, and the subject of today’s blog . . . DISTANCE HEALING!

This is a concept that is changing the world in ways that are truly IMMEASURABLE!!!  You can literally receive an Energy Healing session from the practitioner of your choice, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD!  Many of us have now been introduced to the idea that “energy follows thought,” and other concepts via movies like “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know” that have taken the worlds of spirituality and science and weaved them together into a powerhouse of liberating information!

Distance Healing, or “Remote” healing is a type of healing that is scientifically sound, and it has proven to be just as effective as receiving a session from your energy healing practitioner in-person!!  Long distance healing can be easily performed through Skype or even right over the telephone with the use of a head-to-toe photograph of you!




  • Choose your  practitioner no matter where you are in the world!
  • Eliminate Travel Time & Travel Costs
  • Flexible Hours & Convenience
  • Relax How YOU Want to
  • No Touch Involved & Complete Privacy
  • Sleep During or After the Healing


For more information on distance healing provided by Shaman Hands, visit the new “Distance Healing Sessions” page, now UP AND RUNNING!  You can locate it via the menu bar on the left side of the site.  Simply hover your mouse over the “What You Need to Know” link, and when the next menu appears, click on “Distance Healing Sessions” . . . or simply CLICK HERE to go straight to the page!  And remember, more information is ON THE WAY!!!  Check out the rest of the menu bar to see what’s coming!








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