Sacred Energy Grid Surgery

It feels good to be back on the Shaman Hands Blog!  In case you “missed” the facebook message I posted last Thursday for everyone, the blog was temporary postponed for a few days . . . I was involved in performing a MAJOR “surgery” for the planet Earth this past weekend, scheduled around the Lunar Eclipse!

There have been extreme displacements of the energy grid that extends all over the planet, with MANY different causes and reasons, but here’s one way of looking at it . . . the Earth is dealing with it’s own injuries just as many of US are dealing with our own on a personal level!  Many argue that the Earth is much too large and powerful to be harmed in any way by us, and it cleanses itself constantly, so it really can just “take care of itself” . . . But this point of view does not fully include the concept of Earth also having an ENERGY BODY, (just like we do!), as well as the concept of our personal connection TO the Earth!

Earth has it’s own CHAKRA SYSTEM, just like us, and it also has its own MERIDIAN SYSTEM, just like us . . . In the places where these meridians (energetic pathways) cross over each other, vortexes are produced . . . and where MANY cross, even GREATER vortexes are produced!  Some of us are in tune with this energy grid in certain ways for the purpose of re-aligning it so that it may be “powered up” again and Earth’s harmony can be restored more fully, and healing is accelerated all over the globe!!!  This is done by working with the land physically AND spiritually in certain SACRED areas . . . and this past weekend DEFINITELY had it’s share of energetic shifts, accelerated healing energy, and spiritual growth.


Now that I’m back “in town,” the blog is back in effect and it’s a pleasure for me to see how this sacred energy grid “surgery” has already influenced the rest of the planet!  It is truly a joy to be able to now share this information with the rest of the world because part of the process for establishing ANY type of successful manifestation, whether it be a completed project, or the materialization of thought into some “thing,” is the maintenance of secrecy, ESPECIALLY in the early stages of development of any goal we are wanting to accomplish!  (In Kemetic language, “Sacred” = “Secret”)

Even though many of us may not “see” them, there certainly are VORTEXES of ENERGY that link together certain sacred sites all over the world.  Contrary to what we might think, or what we may have been “taught,” MANY of these sites are in the U.S., and because of the chaos that has been unfolding in the Western world for centuries (at least), many of these sites were knocked “off balance.”  However, we have the ability to readjust them in order to stabilize this grid, which assists in the stabilizing of ALL OF US on an individual level!  And it is an honor to be a part of this stabilization process!  Can YOU feel a difference in the harmony of the energies around you since this past weekend?  Leave a comment below and let me know!  I’m interested in what YOUR experience has been like, starting the week off.  And speaking of starting the week off,  I’ve got a double dose of goodies for you today!

Since I’d planned to be back in the swing of things yesterday, but had to take some extra time to recharge from the intensity of the trip, I’ve got ANOTHER blog coming up for you right after I post THIS one!  If you weren’t able to catch this week’s Monday night show with myself and Moma “Bonfire” AZ, “THE ANCIENT YOUTH: The Ancestors Have Arrived,” it’s all good . . . Look for the link to the archive in my next post, COMING RIGHT UP!  This week’s show was on Memorial Day and we celebrated it Starseed style with the “Cosmic Memorials” episode!!!

Stay tuned for your archive link to this EPIC show where we tapped into Starseed natal charts, our COSMIC “Memorials,” and REMEMBERING these ASTROLOGICAL PORTALS we used to get here!!!

We also talked about this Pluto/Uranus “Square” everybody’s been feeling, the LUNAR ECLIPSE from this past weekend, how the planetary alignments effect our health (especially in regards to the period we’re going through NOW), and much MUCH MORE!!!

I was delighted to provide mini Astro-Health readings for callers for the first time LIVE ON THE AIR, during the second half of the show!!!  MAKE SURE YOU STAY TUNED, cause that blog is coming up next . . . TODAY!!!


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