Pluto and Uranus “Square” it Off!

Wow, WOW, and TRIPLE WOW!!!  If you weren’t able to catch last night’s HIT SHOW, “THE ANCIENT YOUTH: The Ancestors Have Arrived,” we gotchu covered!  And OMG!!!  When I say it was FIRE, I mean BLAZING HOT, Blue Flame FIRE!!!  I’m am so honored to be a part of this LIVING ALIGNED RADIO family, and in particular this Monday Night show series with my oh so special co-host, Moma AZ!!!  Shout out to Gigi (Gi-Twice), and DNA (Destroying Negative Attitudes) once AGAIN for putting this LIVING ALIGNED movement together from the ground up, and connecting with me so that I can bring my goodies to the dinner table every single week on LIVING ALIGNED RADIO!  On “THE ANCIENT YOUTH” we always turn it up more and more every single Monday, but THIS time we cranked it up a WHOLE BUNCH of notches!!!  Last night’s show was DEFINITELY a true reflection of what Moma AZ and I are all about when it comes to spreading awareness on the subject of the Starseed generations, the Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, so on and so forth!  Come check us out every Monday night and see what generation bridge-building sounds like!!!

Also, if you haven’t been keeping up with the energy of the Eclipse Season we’ve been moving through for the past couple of months (at LEAST!), this energy in particular was DEFINITELY a major contributor to the way last night’s show played out, not to mention, something perhaps even MORE significant, yesterday’s Pluto/Uranus SQUARE (90 degree angle) went EXACT yesterday!!!  I discussed it some at the beginning of the show, and was amazed at how by the end of the discussion, it was SO CLEAR how this very alignment made a HUGE impact on how the show ended!  (You’ll see what I mean!) . . . and to get even MORE insight on ALL of these particular alignments, you may want to check out Anne Ortelee’s Astro-forecast for the week before you head over to the archive, and you’ll be able to see even more of what I mean.  To check out Anne Ortelee’s breakdown, CLICK HERE!  She’s droppin’ jewels BIG TIME!!! (as usual) . . .

And remember, hotel registration for the LIVING ALIGNED CONFERENCE, “Living Aligned to You!” ends this Friday, May 24th, 2013!!!  So head over to and make sure you reserve your spot!!! . . . We’ve got even more surprises and updates for this HUGE event for you as well, so STAY TUNED!!!  (Just to give you a heads-up, Child Care is now available due to popular demand!  So parents, come on down!!!  But more on that will be covered in tomorrow’s blog!)



Here’s a little something extra from our friends Rick and Jeff over at Planet Pulse to help set the tone for the rest of your day!




To check out Anne Ortelee’s Weekly Astro-forecast breakdown,


Anne Ortelee on




. . . and now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for,


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THE ANCIENT YOUTH: The Ancestors Have Arrived


“Natives of the South East”


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