Natives of the South East

TONIGHT!!! “THE ANCIENT YOUTH: The Ancestors Have Arrived” welcomes to the show: Chief Barry Carter, and a POWERHOUSE-PANEL of surprise-guests as we discuss a VERY IMPORTANT topic: The Condition of the South-Eastern Native band of the “Red” and “Black” Indigenous People . . .

What is the significance of these 2 groups? What “keys” do they hold to the door of spirituality and cosmic empowerment on this planet as we continue to move through this global shift? What is the current state of affairs of this powerful community?!!! And what can we DO about it???

TUNE IN at 9pm EST for this SPECIAL EPISODE of the hit Monday Night show that brought you “Who Are the Indigo, Crystal and Starseed Children?,” “Highly Sensitive 101,” and “Spiritual Self Defense,” parts 1,2 and 3!!! Once again, it’s Stilts Shaman HandsGoldman, and Moma AZ!!!


TONIGHT, we bring you



Stilts will be hosting, and holding the sacred space, but this time he’s passing the mic to Chief Carter to break it all down for us! HAVE YOUR GEM BAG READY!


Call (718) 305 – 6377 to listen in, and remember to press ‘1’ to speak to Stilts, Moma Az, Chief Carter, or any of the panel . . .




CLICK HERE to listen online!!!


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[And if you didn’t know by now, the censor machine is SHUT DOWN on Monday nights!!!]

Bring your questions, comments, PENS, HIGHLIGHTERS AND PADS!!! It’s gonna be ANOTHER HOT ONE!!!


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