Is Your Blood Organic?

If I were to begin discussing the two superstars you are about to be introduced to (if you do not know of them already), this blog would end up being WAAAAAAAAY longer than I would like it to be.  So without further ado, . . .

The Shaman Hands Blog would like to welcome to the stage, Tiffany Janay and Malik Zakee, of the one and only . . .


“More than 5 years ago we decided that enough is enough.  Waking up every morning to a blaring alarm clock only to rush to sit in to traffic to go to a job with a manager that monitored your stats and pulled you to the side to discuss your performance is no way to live.

“Counting the days until Friday so you can get your check that is already spent before you had a chance to cash it.  Hoping and praying that nothing goes wrong because Lord knows there is no extra money to pay for it.  Someone had to put a stop to the madness and the only ones to do it was us.  We wanted to see what it meant to really live off of faith.

“Everyone says it but how many people actually do it?  The creativity inside of us would keep us up at night and could make us feel like we were flying when we would talk about our dreams and how we REALLY wanted to be living life.  We quit everything.  Decided to say “Fuck a 9-5 cuz I’m not satisfied!!” gave up everything that that 9-5 job provided.  House went through foreclosure, repossession of the whips, no luxuries, no home.  We went into self-study and searched internally for guidance.  During the process we cleansed our bodies and together we lost over 100 pounds.  Learned to honor ourselves.  Have to live pure to live pure, you feel me?  No more bullshit.  No more not living to our fullest potential.

“You are witnessing our come up.  The other side of this story.  Subscribe and follow our journey.  Let our passion and fearlessness spark yours inside of you.  We are Organic Blood.  Malik Zakee & Tiffany Janay.”




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Custom Creations by Tiffany Janay

waistline shells rbg pinkelephant orange healinghands doublepink blacksilverhealinghands blackgold 3partpic




Yoni Eggs for Women

SmokeyQuartz RoseQuartz RedJasper RainforestJasper orangecalcite LeopardskinJasper group Flourite


Certified Yoga Instruction







“It’s a Lifestyle!  MOTIVATE YOURSELF!!!”



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