Living Aligned Conference 2013!!!

I am so excited about this week we are moving through for SO MANY reasons!!!  I’m back in the groove with the Shaman Hands Blog, ECLIPSE SEASON is clearing out all of the old toxic energy from our lives, we just had a BLAZING HOT show this past Monday Night dedicated to ALL THE MOTHERS, and if you haven’t noticed by now, something MAJOR is brewing!  It deals with the Eclipse Season we’re moving through . . . it deals with our recent entry in the Aquarian Age . . . it deals with 2013 being the year that’s associated with “THE RETURN OF THE DIVINE FEMININE” . . . and it deals with a HUGE event that’s coming up in ATLANTA, GEORGIA!!!  The Living Aligned Conference 2013, “Living Aligned To You!”

I wanna give a CRAZY HUGE shout out to GI-TWICE and DNA of LivingAligned!!!  I could talk for hours, EASY, about these two and how much they mean to me!  But I at least want to take this time out to thank them for all the beautiful work that they have done, and CONTINUE to do, for assisting everyone ALL OVER THE WORLD with the consciousness shift that is taking place on this planet!  It has been such an honor working alongside them as a part of this ever-growing healing community we are involved in, as well as Living Aligned Radio!


COME ON DOWN to the LIVING ALIGNED CONFERENCE 2013, “LIVING ALIGNED TO YOU!!!” . . . June 7th – June 9th . . . “Class of Yin” is gonna be there! . . . “Class of Yang” is gonna be there! . . . Tiffany Janay and Malik Zakee of the one and only ORGANIC BLOOD are gonna be there!  Will YOU be there???  I know I will!  And I’m bringing all 6 feet – 9 inches of my chi-charging power WITH ME!  That’s right!  You get to see Shaman Hands IN PERSON!  And I’m providing ENERGY HEALING sessions for anybody we can fit into the schedule, and AT A DISCOUNT just for attending the conference!!!  For more information on how to schedule a session with me IN-PERSON at the FIRST ANNUAL Living Aligned Conference, click on the “Contact Stilts” link on the menu bar to the left and send me a short message with any questions you may have . . . or just CLICK HERE!  Include the phrase “Living Aligned Conference” at the top of your message, and receive 20% off of your session at the Conference!!!  This offer is on a first come, first serve basis . . . so if you’re interested, ACT NOW!  Purchase your session with me anytime between now and June 7th to reserve your spot!  But remember, This Conference is gonna be HUGE, and there’s a lot going on at this event already, so schedule-space is limited!  ACT NOW!


For more information on the CONFERENCE ITINERARY, and HOW TO REGISTER, adjust your volume and CLICK HERE!



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