A Special Mother’s Day

by  | on May 13, 2013


Well, my lovelies . . . I’m back in the saddle again!  I know a lot of people have been wondering, “What happened to the Shaman Hands Blog?” . . . but thankfully, many others have already put the planetary pieces together!  So I won’t take up TOO MUCH time explaining it here, but this is what the year 2013 is all about – THE RETURN OF THE DIVINE FEMININE!  “But wait Stilts, what does the return of the divine feminine energy have to do with you being ‘away’ from your blog for so long???”

Well, many of us already know this, but for those of us who don’t – all of us have been experiencing a lot of what this NEW energy is all about: sudden and unexpected changes!  In many cases these shifts are occurring one right after another!  And I’m no exception to the rule.  Remember the Pisces Alignment back in March that we were discussing for so long?  Well that was just the beginning!  Currently we’re riding the waves of this eclipse season which I’m sure everybody’s been feeling, whether or not we realized that’s what it is.  And that’s not the end either!!!  That’s right, as the saying goes, “we’ve only just begun!”

But I’m pleased to say that in many ways things have lined up for me, as well as for many people within my close inner circles so that I can get back to blogging, and in doing so – help to inform everyone about all the “craziness” that’s been brewing and shaking things up, as well as where it’s all coming from!  And as far as I’m concerned, getting back to blogging on Mother’s Day is the perfect time to do it!  It couldn’t be more fitting!  Why?  Because . . . like we said . . . this year is the RETURN OF THE DIVINE FEMININE!  And what’s more feminine than the MOTHER ENERGY?  “But wasn’t Mother’s Day YESTERDAY???”  Well, yes and no.  But we’ll get more into that in a second.  First I would like to take this time to give MY mom a HUGE shout out!  Cecelia Goldman, I LOVE YOU!  And as a matter of fact, tonight’s HIT SHOW, “THE ANCIENT YOUTH: The Ancestors Have Arrived” is gonna be EXTRA special . . . THIS episode is dedicated to the MOTHERS everywhere . . . in the physical realm and in other realms.  What do I mean exactly?  Well . . . you’re gonna have to tune in tonight to find out.  And when exactly is Mother’s Day?  What does it symbolize REALLY?  We’re gonna be breaking it all down!  (I’ve got some special surprises in store for THIS one!)  And as always, if you’re unable to make it to the LIVE show, the archive will be up as soon as the show is over, ready when you are, so you can TUNE IN whenever you have time!  But we all know, there’s nothing like participating in a LIVE SHOW, where you can interact with us ON THE AIR!



So bring all of your LOVE-FILLED shout outs for the MOTHERS in your life!!!  The Call in number is 718.305.6377, and remember to press ‘1’ when you’re ready to chime in on the conversation!  Let’s show our MOTHERS how much we LOVE them on this very special episode!!!

In the meantime, get prepared for what’s COMING NEXT in the Planetary Weather, by CLICKING the LINK below!  This week is a HUGE one!!!



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