The Ancient Youth: Ancestors Have Arrived

Who Are the Indigo Children?
(Special “Kick-Off” Show)

by | on March 16, 2013


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“There is a GRID that LINKS ALL OF THOSE PLACES TOGETHER! And BEFORE I LEAVE THIS PLANET, this world, I AM ASKING for ASSISTANCE to begin to create these SACRED SPACES, and put a place where the VORTEX can bring, can HOLD that energy, that positive energy! Create a space where these young people can be there to learn from those elders with this knowledge. You see, it’s goin’ to take ALL OF US. Because, again, our people do not know too much about home-schooling, don’t care to know, . . . In my neighborhood, dope is in. Education is out! I see SO MUCH! And it’s SAD that we have, as a people, have these babies ONE AFTER THE OTHER and many of ’em don’t have a damn clue of what to do, and don’t WANT TO have a clue!

“And another thing, . . . . . the churches: They have everybody so FUCKED UP wit this GOT DAMN RELIGION, this CHRISTIANITY SHIT, and yes Momma AZ SAID IT, and I don’t give a damn! If you don’t like it, you TURN IT OFF! It’s so confusing! Everyone is SO confused, they don’t really know WHAT to do! Not even with their children. The children have no knowledge of planting their own food. Their complaining about HDAD or whatever you call it, pumpin’ ’em up with pills! They can learn how to work in the gardens. They wouldn’t have those bellies hangin’ down to their knees! They wouldn’t be runnin’ willy nilly, schizophrenic and carrying on IF THEY WERE TAUGHT IN A PROPER MANNER!”

“Many people don’t really know me. They THINK they know me, but they don’t have a fuckin’ clue who they’ really dealing with! . . . Ya see, This is the REAL TIME, PEOPLE! . . . This is the REAL TIME! It’s not all about, . . . how do you say it, 40 acres and a mule, and reparations and this kinda thing . . . You ain’t gon’ get no damn reparations! Because you wouldn’t know what the hell to do wit’ it anyway! I’m serious as a heart-attack. You ain’t gonna get it! . . . This is a NEW TIME, PEOPLE! And these young babies are just CRYING OUT, with these special GIFTS because it is gonna be up to THEM to HOLD THIS PLANET TOGETHER!”

“I had the good fortune to connect with a young lady on my birthday last year, on my EARTH DAY, 11 YEARS OLD! … That little sister was SO POWERFUL she, whatever she did…she did her thing, and do you know . . . I have a hip that is DETACHED, a hip replacement that is OUT OF THE SOCKET, and WHATEVER THAT CHILD DID, her energy work kept me together for THREE DAYS! That’s saying something! This is how powerful these beings are, including my great-grandson! And many many others! You MUST PAY attention. You MUST learn to HOME-SCHOOLl! You MUST TEACH THOSE LITTLE ONES, EVEN WHEN THEY’RE IN YOUR WOMB! Talk to them!!! Teach them how to plant! When they arrive, they’re going to KNOW what you were speaking of. Teach them how to be connected to the Earth. We are so dysfunctional, BECAUSE WE ARE DISCONNECTED FROM THE EARTH! ESPECIALLY people of color! They’re SCHIZOPHRENIC!!! I mean, if you watch it, . . . you watch some of the documentaries that they have, that they were having history month, and how they talk about – how we involved ourselves with the earth, and how we build this land, you think we can get some of us to do that now? HELL NAW!!! That is why the illegal aliens . . . because they’re cheap, and they’re still willing to work with the earth and to do things that MANY people of color – it is BENEATH THEM. Whether it was ORCHESTRATED OR NOT, when we allowed ourselves to get DETACHED from this land, that was the beginning of our demise! In MANY ways, it was a blessing! Whether you realize it or not! Why do you think we managed to get through the era of slavery in them cotton fields, and carrying on, and all of that? We were strong people BECAUSE we were working ONE ON ONE, WITH THE EARTH! PERIOD!!!”

Moma Az



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