The Pisces Baptism (Part 1)

Are YOU Ready for 3/11/13?
(Part 1)

by  | on March 1, 2013

Are you ready for the planetary alignment of March 11th, 2013??? What’s it all about?
Stay tuned with us right here as we prepare for it together over the next week and a half. Everybody’s been “feeling it.” But what exactly have we been feeling?  Keep going with the flow as we dig deep into our emotions. It is a clearing out of the old Pisces (illusion) energy in order to make necessary space for the Aquarian (awake) Age in its fullness!  Pisces energy is still “stirring” around!

In addition to the major alignment coming up, most of our ‘close’ neighboring planets currently swimming with the “two fish” will be headed into Aries soon. Symbolically, this is further in the directionaway from Aquarius,” into the zone of ‘war’, so prepare for some shenanigans in the media! The drama-filled stories are simply attempts to manipulate mass emotion at certain times because certain energy is ‘highlighted’ in the collective psyche, and thus our creativity is more accessible for outside influence. That is, unless we are in-tune with the “seasons within seasons.” And at the Shaman Hands Blog, that’s how we get down! So relax. We’re in this together, remember? Join your worldwide family right here everyday, and let’s help one another keep all 3 of our eyes on “PEACE” during this transition!

LATER TODAY!!! guest energy-interpreter, 

Gi-Twice joins to give us her full break down!


Family of Light, WAKE UP!

The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

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(Special guest Gi-Twice of Living Aligned joins us later today!!!)


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