sha • man |’ sh ämən|
noun (pl. -mans)
  1. a person regarded as having access to the spirit realm, along with the power to influence it.


hand |’ hĕnd|
noun (pl. hands)
    1. palm.
    2. (hands) : CONTROL, power, charge; command, responsibility, care
    3. HELP, assistance, aid, support, relief
    4. WORKER, hired hand




Shawn “Stilts” Goldman, RM, WMA aka Shaman Hands is a certified natural healer, computer scientist, former high school teacher, and a registered metaphysician and lifetime member of the World Metaphysical Association. During college, his journey quickly turned from a focus on the engineering of programming languages, communicating with computers and designing software programs to a focus on holistic methods of healing due to his own health challenges.

Perhaps the most remarkable of these challenges was a severe case of kidney stone episodes that lasted from 2001 to 2008, which conventional western medicine was unable to solve. With several years of independent research in order to find holistic tools and solutions, Stilts found a variety of successful non-invasive methods to use on himself. Energy Healing was shown to be the most effective at instant pain reduction, pain elimination, and accelerated healing.

In coming across many different approaches to Energy Healing, Stilts has combined his knowledge of software engineering with the understanding that our body is a computer itself – complete with its own version of software. He now engineers this “software body” by deprogramming and reprogramming the energetic organs and their systems, resulting in accelerated healing by addressing this “source code anatomy” that is responsible for any and all disharmony that can exist in the physical body!

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Stilts is an active lifetime member and Registered Holistic Practitioner of Healers Unite Holistic Association, a division of the American Council of Holistic Healers.